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Beauprez tops Tancredo in Colorado’s GOP gubernatorial primary

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DENVER -- Bob Beauprez appears to be headed to victory over Tom Tancredo, Scott Gessler and Mike Kopp with close to 250,000 votes counted in Colorado's gubernatorial primary.

Beauprez had taken 30 percent of the vote.  Tancredo had 26 percent, followed by Gessler at 23 percent and Kopp at 19 percent.

LINK: Full 2014 Primary Results

Tancredo, after manning the grill at his election night party in Lakewood, called Beauprez to offer his congratulations and support around 7:45 p.m., shortly after FOX31 Denver and other news outlets called the race.

It amounts to a big victory for Colorado's GOP establishment, which will have dodged the bullet of being stuck with Tancredo as the party's nominee to take on Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper in November.

If Beauprez claims victory tonight, it's largely because of money -- he loaned his campaign more than he raised -- and because his biggest opponent, Tancredo, couldn't be bothered to mount much of a campaign, refusing to debate and spending little on paid media.

Beauprez, who entered the race late, spent the most money on paid advertising -- TV spots from his campaign and an outside group backing him blanketed the airwaves in the primary's final week.

Tancredo, on the other hand, raised the most money but spent almost none of it on TV ads, relying on a large ad buy by Democrats, who ran a pair of ads aimed at pushing conservative primary voters away from Beauprez and toward Tancredo, who many believe can't win a statewide race.

Most of Tancredo's money appears to have gone to paid consultants.

The former congressmen thought being Tom Tancredo might be enough to win a four-way race; his tactical move pushing his supporters to help Mike Kopp make the primary ballot at the state convention in April was a masterstroke -- and it almost worked out.

The Democratic ads aimed at propelling him to victory may have backfired, as Beauprez and the group Republicans Who Want to Win, formed to back his campaign, went into overdrive in an effort to explain what was actually happening to the primary electorate.



  • annpirie

    I am one of those who figured out why they wanted Tancredo to win. He cannot beat the Hick. Now, with Beauprez, everyone and I mean everyone, must get behind him no matter what, whether you like him or not, and get that jokester out of office who sits there now. Everyone!

    • Alpha Omega

      Sorry, but I can’t “get behind” a candidate that the pro-amnesty Republicans support. If I want a fascist Progressive in office, I’ll simply vote for Hickenlooper. No thanks. I’ll be voting 3rd party.

      • annpirie

        You are so right, Barry. A no-vote is a vote for the Hick. A third-party vote is a vote for the Hick. If we are ever going to change the way we hate things are, we must vote for Beauprez, like him or not. That is what has happened and that is how it is.

    • Disappointed and disheartened

      What a disappointment… It’s so disheartening to see more of the same old school, big government, Democrat-lite take the win. What’s the point, Beauprez is owned by big money Republicans. Another prime example of Republicans digging their own grave recycling what has already proven to be a loser – brilliant!!

    • Carl

      Beauprez is going to lose….just like he did before and just like Romney and just like McCain. A long as these big business, Bush-era dinosaurs are shoved down our throats by the Republican establishment, we are going to LOSE. The Dems are loving this. I don’t know who is working harder to destroy the Republican party, the Democrats or the Republicans. They don’t get that he can win every single Republican vote in Colorado and still only have 1/3. Until we have a candidate that appeals to Independents and Libertarians, the Dems win again. Congratulations.

  • Flyer

    As long as the Republicans keep doing the same old things they will get the same old response. Hickenlooper is sleeping sounder tonight. Way to go Repubs.

      • Flyer

        Got it dead wrong, Buddy. Registered Republican. Snarky comments don’t help. Repubs need to stop recycling old ideas and old candidates. Will support Beauprez but am concerned that he will lose AGAIN. Repeat, AGAIN.

  • jakebrake77

    With Bueaprez now the nominee, all clear thinking voters need to get behind him and rid us of that wishy washy Bloomberg loving, gun controlling, murder pardoning hickster!

    • alphaomega80537

      Nope. I’ll vote 3rd party. I don’t want a “Democrat Lite” anymore than I want that Fascist, Hickenlooper. So, I’ll vote 3rd Party. The national GOP should have stayed the hell away from Colorado primary politics. They just guaranteed Hick a 2nd term.

    • alphaomega80537

      What are you going to get that’s different? Beauprez is FOR AMNESTY because his GOP masters want the slave labor. He’s just as bad as Hick and Bloomberg. The big money Republicans just gave Hick a 2nd term, and most likely killed this state. All because they didn’t want an anti-ILLEGAL man on the ticket.

      • Gerry

        So for you it’s all or nothing? Not exactly a winning strategy. There’s a time and place for “principles,” but it’s not when you’re fighting socialists.

      • annpirie

        Spot on, Craig Smith. Just those two ideas you present are enough to vote Hick out. Those who are voting third party, get real. That is a vote for Hick. Not voting is a vote for Hick. Think! Like it or not, we must all get behind Beauprez if we are going to get rid of Hick.

  • Anonymous

    “Beuprez spent 500,000 dollars of is own money”, that’s because he had it. F**k the 2 party system, they are doing nothing for the people. We need to vote who is ready to help, unfortunately NONE of them have 500,000 dollars to let you know who they are. Congress is killing this country!


    We need someone willing to help control the illegal immigrants gushing into our state! When will people finally realize that Tom is the only way to go! DAMMIT!

  • GiGI Kubiak (@GiGikub)

    Bob Beauprez only received 30% of the vote. Maybe he gets the picture and will listen to those of us who want good government and no establishment interference. I think the CO GOP and NRP owe Tancredo an apology. Tancredo cares about America and Colorado. Judging by the amount of people who supported him, know what a great guy he is. Beauprez and the GOP better start doing something about the illegals coming across the border. Next stop for them is Colorado. Will our state patrol officer now be changing diapers for these illegal alien children as the border patrol agents now are required to do? This is totally out of hand and Beauprez needs to listen to ALL the people and hopefully, will not take his direction from the Chamber of Commerce or the GOP establishment who want to bring this country to a close. He has a chance, let’s see what he does. I will vote for him even though he was not my first choice. It’s people, not the party Bob!

  • Test

    I wish Ritter had not quit. Hickenlooper is an embarrassment. Romney endorsed Beauprez – he’s the big money, big business candidate for sure. I still don’t understand who these idiots in the Chamber of Commerce think is going to patronize their businesses after amnesty. Do they make big bucks in Central America heck no! Henry Ford was not particularly egalitarian, he did understand he needed customers, though.

  • rgarciaq

    The Colorado GOP needs to change its rule as to how they decide on their nominee. In most instances, states require for the winner to get 50% +1 of the votes. Short of that a runoff takes place in the near future between the two top vote getters. The fact that 70% of the primary voters voted against Beuprez does not look good for him in November. Given some of the comments above, many will just skip that vote or vote for a third party candidate, which as stated by some, is a guarantee that the incumbent will win again.

  • Flyer

    Could not agree more. The Colorado GOP is out of touch and out of step with voter sentiment. Recycling these tired old losers is a guarantee that Hickenlooper wins again. Bad for Colorado but apparently the GOP would rather lose than change.

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