Three shot at Red Rocks after rap concert; gunman on the run

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MORRISON, Colo. -- Red Rocks Amphitheater reopened Friday morning after three people were shot Thursday night after a rap concert.

Witnesses describe a chaotic scene when they heard several shots fired about 10:30 p.m. The shooter remained at large Friday night.

Red Rocks announced on Twitter that Friday night's Skrillex show would happen as scheduled.

At Red Rocks, Jefferson County deputies searched every car, documenting license plates and identifying every person in and around the famed venue after a Nas-Flying Lotus-Schoolboy Q show. The venue was put on lockdown as no one was allowed back in and nobody could leave until they were cleared by a deputy.

Investigators didn't believe the shooting was random. In Fact, rapper Schoolboy Q was in the vehicle that was targeted in the shooting, but he was not injured.

"Don't know what the motive would have been for the shooter," said Mark Techmeyer of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. "Or what the connection is to the victims. We have a lot of pieces to put together. And thousands of witnesses potentially."

"For an hour or so I stayed in the parking lot because I didn't really know what else to do or like if the gunman was still running around or what was going on," said witness Lexi Wells.

The three shooting victims were found at Sixth and Kalamath about 11 p.m. Why they left Red Rocks and drove to Denver is unclear. One of the victims was released from the hospital, but the condition of the other two victims remains unclear, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said.

Details about the gunman are vague, just that he's a 6-foot black man and he has a rifle.

Anyone with information or any concert-goers in the area of the Trading Post or backstage from 9-11 p.m. and were recording the event are asked to call 303-271-5612.

Red Rocks announced on Twitter on Friday morning that tonight's Skrillex show will go on as scheduled.



    • sheep

      I’m am! With the new laws this was supposed to stop. Because I’m so sure that the shooter did a background check and had the proper legal magazines lol. Sorry could help it lol

      • freeaquila

        I’m guessing the three left Red Rocks and drove to 6th and Kalamath because they had to ditch their own illegally obtained firearms and probably drugs before seeking help for their wounds.

  • Kevin Snyder

    This mass shooting should be leading every segment on CNN. Brian Williams should be apoplectic with anger. Governor Hickenlooper should be at the hospital with the victims 24/7.
    Oh, wait. This particular mass shooting doesn’t fit the proper narrative. Never mind.

  • WCGuy

    Gotta stay strapped in case something like this happens in your presence. Pump a couple rounds into the shooter, save the tax payers some money on trials and cell space.

  • dapandico

    Put Eli on the story. He will tie the shooting into being done by a white right wing domestic terrorist that received funding from the Koch brothers.

  • Whiteperson

    Wait? A shooting that WASN’T done by a white guy? What are the black people gonna say now? I thought all shootings lately have been done by us white people?

  • clairissa

    Has anybody thought to put two and two together?
    Details about the gunman are vague, just that he’s a 6-foot black man and he has a rifle.

    What about 37-year-old Turhan Robinson. who just escaped custody in wheat ridge?

    • JoeCO

      This would make sense if he wasnt still in the back of a cop car when the shooting took place. Readin the articles you comment about would go a loooooong way

  • Dylan Solano

    its sad to see so many racist comments but at the same time sad to hear that at one of the first hip hop shows at red rocks that something like tis has happened. i don’t think that in the history of red rocks nothing like that has ever happened. that was just the excuse that they needed to start to crack down and in force themselves onto people who are there to just have a good time and enjoy themselves. its funny how just one or few people can ruin it for everyone else.

  • JoeCO

    Red Rocks needs to lay off the low life EDM and low budget rap shows. Nothing but bad crowds. It is supposed to be a world class venue, stick to world class artists.

  • Rosie B.

    Wow!!! These comments make my heart ache and bring tears to my eyes. I am an older women and have a very interracial family. These comments are so racist. It is my understanding that the white SUV belongs to a local car service hired to transport the artist between the airport, hotel and venue. It is also my understanding that the driver was trying to get to the hospital, as he was one of the injured and he is white. Since they flew in to perform, where would they obtain illegal weapons? It bothers me that this happened and I wish we could all live together in harmony. I suppose that wish will never be fulfilled.

    • Joshua

      Anyone with connections can pick up a piece off the streets. This is what all these anti gun fools will never understand despite its simplicity. Gun control only harms law abiding citizens.

  • Fred Cashew

    HORRIBLE! Sometimes you can be driving down the road and see thugs in the car next to you playing rap music. Some of it is disgusting! As far as I am concerned, Red Rocks should not allow some of this filth.

  • daddysfallenangel

    Ignorance is displayed in a majority of these comments! Has anyone of you stopped to realize, not one single thing mentioned here factors into what happened? This happened because one individual took it upon themselves to make a choice which would alter life as we knew it, to disregard the consequences others would face because of their actions. This is an act committed by a weak minded individual, a coward with no intelligence to make decisions on their own! No one forced them, no music influenced them, it is not their environment, their friends or upbringing, it is the INDIVIDUAL, GET IT STRAIGHT!

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