‘Bee safe’ Boulder neighborhood looks to help insects

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BOULDER, Colo. – One Boulder neighborhood is pledging to bring more bees into the community.

Over the last few years bee populations have been dying off. To a lot of people fewer bees would probably be good news, but not in North Boulder.  Community members started a petition to make their neighborhood “Bee Safe”. They are asking homeowners to take the bee pledge.

“Basically you’re pledging not to use pesticides in your yard because they’re not just toxic to the bug you’re targeting they’re also toxic to bees,” explains Boulder resident Sean Maher.

So far more than 200 homeowners have made the pledge, earning them the first “Bee Safe Community” distinction in the state. Those who have signed on say the changes are easy.

“I used to use weed killers and now thanks to my neighbor who taught me the lesson now I pick my weeds,” Maher explains. “It’s a relatively small change for the impact it could make.”

Bees are an important part of the world food system. They are responsible for carrying pollen so new plants can grow. Without bees, world food supply could be in jeopardy.



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