Video appears to show Denver deputy choking inmate

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DENVER -- A video that was released Friday as part of a Denver Sheriff's Office internal affairs investigation appears to show a deputy choking an inmate.

The video was obtained by FOX31 Denver after it was ordered unsealed by a judge on Friday.

The date and time stamp on the video shows it was recorded on July 31, 2011, and, according to the internal investigation, it involves former inmate Jamal Hunter, who has since filed a civil lawsuit against the city.

Deputy Edward Keller was identified in the investigation as the uniformed law enforcement agent seen choking Hunter inside his cell. Sgt. Anthony Mazzei was identified as the officer seen Tasing Hunter twice.

Both were part of a group of five officers seen banding together in an apparent effort to subdue Hunter, who was on the ground before three of the officers arrived in the cell.

Keller received a 30-day suspension after the incident, which "involved a demonstrable, serious risk to the inmate" according to the internal affairs report. Keller is also named in Hunter's civil suit.

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  • Dale Gross

    I just noticed the headline: Video “appears” to show Denver deputy choking inmate. Appears? It’s plain as day that he is choking him. When the evidence is this strong (clear and detailed video) and it only “appears” that what is seen on video is occurring, 99% of those convicted should have their judgments reversed to “not guilty,” as they were convicted on much weaker evidence. Remember that there are two very different standards: One for the government, and one for the rest of us. If you want to routinely get away with crime, become a cop, prosecutor, or judge.

  • Fred Cashew

    Unfortunately we are letting too many cops get away with murder. As the saying goes, “There is nobody dumber than a Pinkerton Guard”. Let’s replace Pinkerton Guard with many police we see today.

    • Anonymous

      You say that now but when your daughter mother etc gets rapped molested kidnaped or even murdered your opinion will change completely but you forget the bottom line these people are locked up for a reason look up the inmates charges then come back and repost

      • Dale Gross

        Anonymous, you give the classic pro-law enforcement argument, that I will come to love cops if my grandmother, daughter, granddaughter, girlfriend, or wife gets victimized sexually. Are all criminals rapists? Are the only worthy crimes the ones against females who have loved ones? So it would appear with your stale and mindlessly created argument. Your scheme suggests rogue or vigilante justice should be accepted, or should it only be allowed if perpetrated by cops? Cops should get a pass on the law, huh? Who needs cops when vigilante justice is viewed as acceptable? Save the taxpayers the dime.

  • Anonymous

    While I agree with the hands around the neck does not look good, the inmate seem to be resisting even after all the officers are there trying to gain control. I am sure there is more to the story….

    • Dale Gross

      And I, too, am sure there is more to the story, Anonymous, that virtually 100% of the cops in this country have violated some law or laws. So where does that leave us? Should we do away with the jury system and just have you sit in judgment of all those accused? If the accused wears a uniform, can they be excused? After all, there must be more to the story. A cop would never lie, lose their head, violate the law, etc. Right? They are superhumans. They passed a background check. Remember that background checks solve the world’s problems.

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