Principal Frank DeAngelis spends last day at Columbine H.S.

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. -- Fifteen years ago, the principal of Columbine High School almost called it quits.
Friday, he finally did so -- for very different reasons.

Frank DeAngelis spent most of his last day cleaning out his office -- packing up "thank you" cards and well wishes.

The principal is retiring.

Back in 1999, he nearly left his job because people sued him over the Columbine school shootings ... and he almost couldn't handle it.

“That was devastating knowing that there were people who thought I was responsible for the deaths of
13 people that meant so much to me."

A priest convinced him to stay, telling DeAngelis he was spared that day for a reason: To go rebuild his

The principal promised to do so, and says he’s proud of what had been accomplished since he stayed.

Watch Jeremy Hubbard’s video report above for more on DeAngelis’ retirement.