Foothills Animal Shelter takes advantage of full moon on Friday the 13th

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GOLDEN, Colo. -- Despite it being Friday the 13th under a full moon, the animals at Foothills Animal Shelter in Golden had quite the lucky day.

The shelter decided to take advantage of the rare event -- a full moon on Friday the 13th -- and marked it with a promotion. They waived the adoption fees for all black pets.

The adoption process was still the same with vaccinations, spay and neuter services and a health check included.

Foothills Director of Community Relations Jennifer Strickland says, “For us we thought it's a great way to highlight black pets. Sometimes they don't get seen as often as other types of pets, but obviously they're just as great as any other animal. We just thought it would be kind of a fun twist for Friday the 13th.”

Potential pet owners loved the idea. Nicholas Cahow says, “Yeah it's great. My dad has been wanting just a plain black cat so I figured it would be a perfect Father's Day gift for him. Black cat, Friday the 13th, full moon. Only thing that would make it better was a harvest moon.”

This full moon happens to be called the Strawberry Moon,  Honey Moon or the Rose Moon.

Ruth Barbour adopted a black dog for the family. She says, “They needed a puppy and I needed a protector and someone to cuddle.” She says the up-front cost of adoption may have been too much for her without the deal. She plans to spend this Friday the 13th snuggling with her new family member. She says, “I'm staying in, I'm not going out. Too many crazy people. My dog and I are going to stay inside. Me, the dog and the kids.”

The promotion was just one part of a summer long campaign for the shelter to adopt out as many pets as possible. So far this month 500 animals have found new homes. For Father's Day weekend all pet adoptions will be half price.