Baby born without kidneys fights to live

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DENVER -- Three-month-old Angelina Grace is a beautiful baby, clearly the center of the universe in the Pemberton home at Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora.

Angelina is never left in a crib by herself; she is surrounded by immense love, always being held in her parents’ arms.

Renee and Michael Pemberton say their daughter is a fighter and an inspiration to everyone.

Angelina has Potter’s Disease which means she was born without kidneys.

The Pembertons moved to Colorado in hope of finding a treatment at Children’s Hospital Colorado.  Angelina was placed on dialysis, but unfortunately, no treatment is available.

It has been more than three weeks since the infant has been home and off of the dialysis, and she is surviving.  Her mother says, “She’s beaten so many odds she's so sweet.”

Angelina’s father is overwhelmed by the fight in his small daughter and adds, “She’s a remarkable little girl. I think she just wants to be here. Every time we think we're about to lose her she comes back even stronger.”

The Pembertons say they want to raise awareness of Potter’s Disease in order to help other children and generate support for additional research that can create better treatments.

While they couldn’t find an answer in Colorado, they are still reaching out to medical specialists around the nation and the world.  Michael says they want to bring hope to other parents facing similar heartbreak and adds, “That’s why we were given the babies that are sick, you've got to keep fighting for them.”

Friends and loved ones are reaching out to the family on Angelina’s Facebook Prayer Page. Anyone wanting to make a donation to the family can find information on that page.

Angelina has two very special siblings, big brother Michael Jr. and big sister Kaylee. They clearly love their baby sister with all of their hearts.

Renee says her youngest daughter brings a special gift to the family and adds that she will always hold a special place in hearts everywhere, “We don't want Angelina to ever be forgotten.”



  • Heather Hernandez

    My sweet niece Angelina. She has amazed all those who know her from the moment she arrived in this world. We are still hopeful that some how, some way a Healthcare Facility would take on her case & somehow save her life. Her presence alone is awe inspiring.

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