Watch the shocking driving safety ad that hijacks moviegoers cell phones

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Volkswagen, a company known for safe driving commercials that shock viewers, created an ad showing how distracting a text message can be.

Moviegoers in Hong Kong were shown an ad before the feature film that showed a first-person view of a car driving through a forest.

The drive appears normal and serene. Midway through, all the members of the audience are sent a text message. As people start checking their phones, the car careens off the road and crashes.

Cameras inside the theater recorded the audience’s reaction.

The audience is left to make the connection themselves, but from the reactions on their faces, they seem to get the point.

According to the Daily Mail, the movie theater was equipped with a location-based broadcaster that can send text messages to everyone in a room at once.

The stunt has already become a huge hit on YouTube, with millions of views.



  • Belinda Dathe

    Thought all movie theaters requested that their audiences either turn off or silence their cell phones…otherwise it’s a good PSA

  • Robert Gift

    Good try and hopefully got the message across.
    But no one there was driving and did not bother to keep watching the movie as they retrieved their cell phones.
    My cell phone is set to auto answer so I need not remove hands from the wheel or look at it.
    It also “speaks” the text message.
    We do look away while driving and there is nothing wrong with that.

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