Dudley Brown claims victory after Tea Party topples Cantor

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Dudley Brown during a staged photo of a press conference last year where he unveiled a video attacking House majority leader Eric Cantor in his Virigina district. The people in the foreground, posing as reporters, are NAGR staffers. No actual reporters showed up.

DENVER — There are a number of explanations circulating Tuesday night in the aftermath of House majority leader Eric Cantor’s stunning defeat in a primary to a virtually unknown Tea Party challenger and university professor, Dave Brat.

Cantor was effectively savaged by conservative media from Laura Ingraham to Erick Erickson for being too soft on immigration reform (although Democrats blame Cantor for the House’s failure to take any action on the issue, many conservatives viewed his support for a path to citizenship for DREAMers as an unforgivable sin).

After Tuesday’s shocking 11-point defeat to Brat, Cantor is being criticized for focusing more on national travel and fundraising than his suburban Virginia district and for failing to take his relatively unfunded opponent more seriously even amidst increasing signs that the effort to oust him was gaining steam.

And at least one man is attributing Cantor’s defeat to his unwillingness to defend gun rights — Dudley Brown, the executive director of the National Association for Gun Rights.

Last year, Brown’s group, the national companion organization to his Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, produced a video attacking Cantor for “voting with Obama” on gun control issues and, in a trademark Brown flourish, showing Cantor’s face morphing into President Obama’s.

The video references a Feb. 5, 2013 interview Cantor did with CNN’s Dana Bash less than two months after the Newtown shooting in which he indicated that he supports beefed up background checks for gun sales and even said that a system put in place in his home state of Virginia following the 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech could be a model for a nationwide measure.

“I think that we can take a lot of lessons from what Virginia did and put it in place at the federal level, because there are a lot of states that aren’t doing what Virginia is doing to try and beef up the database for the background checks to make sure that we actually can do something that does have a chance at reducing the likelihood and hopefully eliminating it from happening again,” Cantor told Bash.

A week after that interview, Brown traveled to Virginia for a press conference to unveil his video in Cantor’s district that not a single reporter attended. After just 10 people, six of whom were NAGR staffers showed up, Brown staged a photo-op with his staffers in the front row appearing to be asking questions for an email to members, according to the Virginia Gun Rights blog.

Of course, a bipartisan amendment to expand gun background checks died just two months later when it couldn’t get the 60 votes needed to break a filibuster, after intense pressure by the National Rifle Association, NAGR, which launched ads — morphing the faces of numerous Democrats and Republicans into Obama’s — in several states, and other gun rights groups.

As opposition to gun control hardened, Cantor backed away from his stance — and he retained an A rating from the NRA.

But he’s never been firm enough on gun rights for Brown.

Tuesday night after Cantor’s defeat, NAGR celebrated on its Facebook page, reminding its 3.7 million followers of its role opposing Cantor and, more recently, supporting Brat, who filled out the organization’s survey, which guarantees its support.

Last year, the National Association for Gun Rights ran Television and Radio ads in Virginia sounding the alarm that Eric Cantor was supporting key parts of Barack Obama’s anti-gun agenda.

Recently, we also told you about how Cantor voted with radical anti-gun Democrats — just last week — to spend $20 million more on Obama’s anti-gun agenda.

Cantor even refused to answer his NAGR candidate survey, but David Brat returned his Survey 100% in favor of your right to keep and bear arms!

NAGR members and supporters in Virginia have sent a loud message that voting for gun control in Congress is not acceptable.

Brat’s victory, which is already is re-writing the previous 2014 election narrative that the GOP establishment has finally figured out how to vanquish the Tea Party, is likely to scare other House Republicans into moving even an inch toward the political center for fear of losing their seat to a more conservative challenger in a primary.

And that’s exactly how Brown, who’s group’s tagline is “no compromises”, wants it.




  • Codswallop Hogwash

    This shows the ignorance and stupidity of the American voter in a crystal clear fashion. Cantor is an outstanding, and very intelligent contributor to the Republican cause. But idiot voters replaced him with a T party extremist. Keep it up, Repbulicans and you will have 4 more years of Democrat incompetence.

    • Bob Simons

      Why don’t you show all of us what is extreme about the tea party principles? I seriously doubt you even know what they are; in fact I’m sure of it!

    • Anonymous

      Haha your comment is laugable. Cantor was voted out for his new stance against our 2nd Amendment rights. He is a traitor to our country and was handed a HUGE defeat because the American voter is smarter than you ever thought.

  • Anonymous

    The lies are beginning to fall. There is no STEM shortage. We don’t need new immigration laws. Reasonable taxes must be balanced with reasonable spending. We can’t fight wars forever. Republicans need to take notice. It doesn’t pay to win the election if your Republican rep behaves like a Democrat.


    Personally I think Dudley is a narcissistic douche but Eli your hit piece is yellow journalism of the worst order.

    Cantor fell for his lack of willingness to effectively fight Obama’s leftist policies. He was what Reagan would call pastel colors when bold colors are needed to differentiate us from the Party of Unrestrained Government. And for you fools who think the TEA Party funded Brat, do your homework and read the FEC filings. Or for you lazy drive-by types, here’s a link to an article without any big words: http://dailycaller.com/2014/06/11/ingraham-national-tea-party-groups-didnt-help-brat-video/
    Contrary to the DNC spin machine, Brat is NOT a right wing zealot. He is a constitutionalist and believes in limited federal government, individual responsibility and free markets. Sounds a lot like President Reagan to me.

  • Dick Peabody

    How about doing some real investigative political journalism, Eli? You could be a hero and maybe even win a Pulitzer if you uncovered what’s hidden in Obama’s sealed records. Have you heard Obama has a phony social security number taken from a dead man? Have you heard Obama’s Selective Service records are doctored? Come on, Eli, Dudley Brown is small potatoes. Take the bull by the horns.

  • That s--t ain`t right

    The stains in my drawers are brown dudley`s…but they don`t ask me for money 5 times a day!

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