Miss Indiana praised for ‘normal body’ at Miss USA pageant

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BATON ROUGE, La. -- Miss Nevada, Nina Sanchez, was crowned Miss USA 2014 Sunday night, but it's one of her competitors that's getting the attention today.

Twitter was abuzz with comments praising Miss Indiana and her "normal" looking body.

When Miss Indiana Mekayla Diehl strutted during the swimsuit portion of the pageant, her curvier-than-some bikini body made the twitterverse burst into applause.

The 25-year-old did not make the semifinals, but she made a legion of new fans.

Here are some of the reactions online.




  • Krista

    While I agree that she is not as bony as the other contestants (hooray for this!), I cannot agree that this is what “normal” should look like. For the great majority of women, it is genetically impossible to look like this. “Normal” should be whatever is comfortable and healthy for each person’s individual body type.

  • Anonymous

    Wow….. Women really are a woman’s worse enemy, it’s the hurtful judgement from women that drive the to look like a “bag of bones”

  • Grace

    I’m so glad Miss Indiana made it this far even if she didn’t make the finals. She’s an inspiration for all us girls with healthy bodies which just aren’t as skinny or toned as some of the other contestants. My body is very similar to her’s, so seeing her walk out so proudly and confidently made me feel like I could that too.

  • Ilike Boobs

    she was probably on her period, bloated up… that’s also why she forced the smile…. give her a week or two and her body will be back to being good again……

  • Carrington

    She definitely looks above average to me. She’s an incredibly beautiful woman. It’s hard for me to consider her “curvy.” I think what matters most is being the best you , you can be. Regardless of others opinions, how you feel in your own skin is what counts.

  • Kim

    It’s not that she is more “normal” or “thicker” than the other girls.. it’s just that she has a different body type than the hourglass figure, which is the norm for beauty pageant contestants.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree! I think Miss America should crown the winner based solely on how normal/average/mediocre she looks! I think I may sign up for a bodybuilding show and whine when they don’t crown my 14″ biceps and 36″ waist as the winner – cause hey, I’m what a normal guy looks like!

    • Anonymous

      She is not whining. People are just commenting how she is not the norm in a beauty competition. I like her, tired of seeing ribs in the swimsuit portion!

  • Anonymous

    She looks fine but man Its funny listening to fat people. Cuz being fat is sooo much better than skinny. Sept for heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and the list of other problems like MY insurance being high cuz fat lazy ppl wanna act like its ok to be unhealthy as long as theyre happy on the inside BS:*(

    • Anonymous

      Way to be anonymous. My best friend weighs 130 lbs and has diabetes, while I on the other hand weigh 250 and I don’t have any thing. You’re an idiot if you assume just because you’re skinny that you’re healthy.

  • Anonymous

    She looks great!! But since when is skinny not normal?? Those women work hard for their skinny bodies, they should all be praised!

    • Mustafa Al'Babbinhad

      Mmmm… But a lot of women “work hard” for a skinny body in an unhealthy way… It’s sick that society’s ideal/goal for women is to be “skinny,” when by definition “skinny” is an underweight condition… being “skinny” generally isn’t healthy. Working out and eating smart is good, and that should be praised, but you shouldn’t praise people BECAUSE they’re skinny, or even because they’re a healthy weight. Just because they’re a healthy weight doesn’t mean they’re living healthily…

  • Anonymous

    She looked amazing and Nor could I ever be a judge. However, Normal is only relevant to each individual. So either way win or lose their are things judges are looking for regardless if normal looked good.

  • Anonymous

    When less than 20% of Americans are at an actual normal BMI and weight, Miss Indiana is by no means a normal or average woman. Please keep living in your illusions of grandeur.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, Indiana does look good. But Nevada does look better. If every girl looked as good as Indiana then this would be a mute point. However most girls look more like Hunny Boo Boo than Miss. Indiana. They just want to have an excuse of not to actually work on their bodies. Eating right + Exercise = a nice body. That’s not unnatural, that is healthy living. Miss. Indiana knows that she is thicker because she didn’t pay attention to the Eating right portion as much as Nevada. You want to be fat. Fine! Be Fat, but learn to deal with the consequences, people shouldn’t be shamed into accepting you because you like to sit on the couch and eat cheese burgers.

  • Bobbi Blasingame

    So what are we going to do next? Praise one for having tanned skin or a different skin color all together? Stop discriminating body types, it’s wrong and makes you look like a jerk.

  • simply supermom

    Reblogged this on Becoming Supermom and commented:
    This has been getting so much attention I thought I would throw my own thoughts out there too.
    First and foremost the is Miss USA – this is not ‘normal’ in the US. This isn’t about body bashing but normal is defined by the majority and the majority of our population is much heavier than her, therefore not the norm.

    Great, she isn’t an extremely thin girl that elicits envy and maybe a little discomfort for some of us to observe – but who cares? Should we really be focused on her size and shape in the first place?

    That brings me to point number two. She is in a beauty pageant, for those of you that are being critical of the fact that she did not go further in the competition or are breathing a sigh of relief or beaming with pride at our ‘progress’ – your crazy. Despite being televised, this is a privately owned competition that focus on beauty among other things. Last I checked a private entity has no obligation to break stereotypes, be inclusive, or provide positive role models.

    On both sides of this issue there is body shaming and body bashing all around. And here is the worst part – those of us exposed to this growing up eventually see changes in our body either gradually due to change or rapidly due to pregnancy. Both of these things are overwhelmingly ‘normal’ and yet we have been preprogramed to hate our bodies for ‘betraying’ us instead of being proud of all they have done and lived through.

    Time to rethink our priorities

  • Mustafa Al'Babbinhad

    I feel like a better term for her would be “healthy.” Because, technically, she’s thinner than average, and “normal” can mean WAY too many things to actually be, you know, meaningful anymore. But she’s definitely healthy – like, that’s the way a woman should look. I also think it’s ridiculous to say she has a “thicker” body or even a “curvy” body… Maybe compared to the toothpicks she was competing against, but in the scope of all women in the world, those terms aren’t really true, either.

  • Jess

    I sure hope when my two daughters grow up this is what they call normal and healthy rather then skinny poles constantly believing they are not good enough!

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