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Gardner’s first TV ad emphasizes small town roots

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Cory Gardner and his daughter Alyson in the Republican's first TV ad of his U.S. Senate campaign.

DENVER — The first TV ad from Republican Congressman Cory Gardner is a simple introduction, not a scathing attacking on his opponent, Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Udall.

The 30-second spot, which will begin airing on Tuesday, shows Gardner and his daughter Alyson on Main Street in his hometown of Yuma on the eastern plains.

The basic message: I’m from a place where people have small town values and are forced to get along so I’ll know how to build consensus in Washington, DC.

“It’s time for a new generation of leadership in the Senate,” Cory Gardner said in a press release that also mentions he’s been given the “seal of approval” from No Labels, a bipartisan consensus-focused organization (they’ve said Udall could get the same “implied endorsement” just by agreeing to its principles as Gardner has).

“Growing up in small-town Colorado, I learned that working together and respecting the views of others is necessary for success. Career politicians in Washington have been there far too long, and their failed ideas and policies have left our economy struggling, and countless Coloradans still looking for work.

“It’s time for a new generation of Coloradans to lead the next generation.”

The ad seeks to humanize the relatively unknown two-term congressman from Colorado’s Fourth Congressional District, who’s been the target of a number of attack ads already that have aimed to define him early as too conservative based mostly on his past support for Personhood (he has since disavowed the Colorado initiative but not the general concept).

Udall’s campaign issued a statement on Gardner’s ad Monday afternoon saying that his bipartisan message doesn’t match his record in Congress.

“If there’s one thing that Tea Party radical Congressman Gardner hasn’t learned, it’s how to get along with others,” said Udall’s campaign spokesperson Chris Harris. “You don’t rack up the 10th most partisan Republican voting record in the House and then shut down the government if you’re interested in working together to solve problems. Coloradans know that’s just not how things get done.”



  • luv2skico

    Again the lie that the Republicans shut down the government. They first tried separate fully funded bills for each department: Military, Commerce, Justice, VA, Interior, etc. Obama and the Demoncrats said no. Then they offered a bill that fully funded government but delayed Obamacare by a year. Obama and the Demoncrats said no. Witness the subsequent Obamacare systemwide website FAIL – not ready for prime time after billions were wasted building it by Obama’s handpicked cronies. Turns out the R’s had it exactly right, but no love inbound from the mainstream media – a/k/a Obama’s palace guard.

    Once the funding authority expired, 75% of government workers continued to work. The rest were subsequently paid for their time off. Nobody was shortchanged. But that wasn’t good enough. Before Obama’s shutdown, he sent out memos to the administration directing them to maximize the pain and visibility of the shutdown. Websites that were outsourced, prepaid and functional without requiring maintenance were ordered shut down anyway. Federal police forcibly removed veterans and their families who were walking the grounds of the WW2 Memorial because “they lacked police to guard the visitors”. Yes, they actually said that. The government-owned parking lot at the privately operated Mount Vernon Estate was cordoned off in order to force a shutdown of the otherwise open for tourism nonprofit – because you know, without the flow of daily funding, the parking lot can’t be expected to do its job during the shutdown. This mean spirited, vindictive political calculus was dutifully ignored and then shamefully adopted by the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party – the Palace Guard media outlets big and small – including KDVR.

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