Denver Police detective arrested on child abuse, domestic violence charges

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(Photo: Adams County Sheriff's Office)

DENVER — Another Colorado law enforcement officer has been arrested on criminal charges.

Denver Police Det. Daniel Diaz Deleon, 42, was booked into an Adams County jail on a series of charges including domestic violence, child abuse, reckless endangerment and prohibited use of a weapon.

The arrest stems from an incident on June 7 around 11:50 p.m. when police were called to a home on a report of a domestic dispute between a husband and a wife, said Thornton Police spokesman Matt Barnes.

When officers arrived, they heard multiple gunshots from inside a home. Police staged outside, Barnes said.

A 911 dispatcher was able to make contact with a man inside the home and he left the house peacefully and was taken into custody. The man was identified as Deleon, Barnes said.

Police said no officers were hurt in the incident.

News of the arrest comes as two other metro-area law enforcement officers were arrested last week.

Adams County Deputy Jason Belmont was arrested Wednesday by Aurora Police on a domestic violence-related sex assault charge.  Also, Denver Police Officer Tim Kelley turned himself into Westminster Police Friday on allegations he possessed pornographic videos of children.



  • Anonymous

    Unless you were there and or know the entire story, focus only on your life. Don’t get tangled in someone’s marriage. That is personal and people deserve their privacy no matter who they are. Also he is innocent until proven guilty…

    Officer Deleon escorted me into the Denver county jail where I had a bench warrent for leaving my apartment after a dispute 8 years ago. I was told by DPD that if the cops are called someone MUST be arrested. I did nothing wrong and still had to appear before the judge.

    Don’t be so fast to judge someone or a situation in which you know nothing about.

    • Old Coyote

      From the article: “When officers arrived, they heard multiple gunshots from inside a home. ”
      But I won’t judge. There are many, many great reasons for a man trained in the destructive power of firearms to fire multiple shots inside his house. and chances are he’s an innocent bystander.

      Are you kidding me?

    • Anonymous

      I am relying on Thornton Police spokesman Matt Barnes to fill me in. Are you saying that Thornton Police spokesman Matt Barnes didn’t get correct information?

  • Pootey Tang

    He`ll get a nice paid leave,a paid lawyer and be back on the job in no time. Think he`s even in the country legally? Firing a Denver cop is harder than getting rid of a teacher.

    • Anonymous

      That’s right, then he’ll be back on the street arresting people like YOU, ignorant. You do know what that means……never mind, I have to go back to my job in order to pay for YOUR welfare check.

  • Dan Cha

    A slap on the wrist and go on your way officer. if this was an average nine to five Joe, get out your check book, and bring a tooth brush. The justice seems to be in the reporting of such a story.

  • Anonymous

    Geeee … What a shocker! Another member of the Gang-in-Blue beating innocent citizens up. This is what is meant by “treat ’em like family.”

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