Aurora police officer shoots, kills man who refuses to drop rifle

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AURORA, Colo. -- A man died following a confrontation with Aurora police officers outside his home Friday afternoon.

A spokesperson says officers responded to 3358 South Nucla Way on a welfare check at about 4 p.m. There was a report of a man who was making threats to kill himself and that he was armed with a rifle.

The suspect was holding a rifle when he confronted officers as they approached the home.

"He failed to comply with orders to drop his weapon. An officer fired a shot striking the subject. He was then transported to a local hospital where he was later pronounced dead," an Aurora police statement says.

No officers were injured, police said.



  • Anonymous

    There have been problems after problems from Aurora police, so time to terminate employment of the involved police. Need a new chief with a new, actually Constitutional, philosophy and practice.

    • thisismyboomstick

      Sure when they occur but there wasn’t a crime committed by the police in this incident.

      • annpirie

        That is absolutely right, Boomstick . . . cops are trained, as they should be, to keep us and themselves safe. And, when they are forced do that, thank you very much, it is not a crime! It is their job. Don’t call 911 if you do not want them to take care of business.

  • John Smith

    Job well done. He wanted to kill himself and the Aurora PD was happy to assist. Well done Blue your gang is the best!

  • MikeyJ

    Reading these posts are exactly the problem with our country!!! Pure IGNORANCE! Did any of you “cop bashers” actually read the article? You do know it is illegal to brandish a weapon correct? And if he does not comply with orders to drop the weapon, then he is posing a threat. That threat needs to be dealt with and in this case it was dealt with correctly. The officer should be commended. As for ANONYMOUS… I think you might want to head back to third grade and learn to form a coherent thought and maybe take a little English class because reading your post was like reading my third graders last book report! Trust me, if we weren’t a policed society, you would probably be one of the first taken out!

    • annpirie

      Well put, Mikey . . . but, it won’t do any good. Anniemouse doesn’t get it. I imagine that incident where cops came and ended up drinking with his dad did it.

  • Anonymous

    Charge the cop with murder. Why get involved in a situation with a suicidal person if you are going to murder him anyways?

  • MikeyJ

    They get involved with a suicidal person because he is in public with a weapon. They can’t read his mind so they have no idea if he wants to shoot himself or start shooting innocent bystanders. They give him orders to drop the weapon… He does not… Their job is to protect the public and themselves. They did their job as they are trained to do and there is not a cop alive in any city that wouldn’t do the same thing! So you sir are the idiot!

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, but the trigger happy cops don’t have to shoot to kill, there were other options before killing someone who is experiencing emotional issues.

  • Rich

    Probably most of these officers are married so they do value life. Decisions are made based on policy and training. Police officers are essentially following that training. If changes need to be made that would be higher up. Its hard to tase someone if you are putting yourself in harms way to do it. Although I wish the outcome would have been different, the decision to protect ones self or the surrounding neighbors would be priority. I understand there have been abuses by the police and mistakes of judgement can and will occur. Its more tragic when life is taken. We all wish for the best outcomes. But I believe the officers made the best choice in this situation even though it resulted in a sad outcome. As I am aware the fellow pointed a gun at the officer which constituted self defense. Maybe suicide by cop but only God knows. He was a neighbor of mine.

  • annpirie

    No one is to call anyone a name no matter when, how or who they post, especially when they aren’t one.

  • Anonymous

    Can the police shoot to disarm people instead on killing them. Aren’t they trained to shoot? Since when is it shot first ask questions later. Why the shoot to kill mentality?

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