Jeffco School Board approves $280,000 contract for new superintendent McMinimee

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GOLDEN, Colo. -- The Jefferson County School Board approved the contract for new superintendent Dan McMinimee late Thursday night.

The board voted, 3-2, to approve the $280,000 contract that includes a base pay of $220,000, $40,000 in performance pay and a $20,000 PERA reimbursement for McMinimee, the former assistant superintendent in Douglas County.

An earlier motion to lower the base salary to $200,000 and cap the performance pay at $20,000 was defeated, 3-2. The board did approve a change to the contract from a six-month to a 12-month buyout on a 3-2 vote.

Dozens of parent, teachers and community members crowded the meeting for the vote. Many in the community argued against the contract.

"This is not a compromise or a concession, but an outrageous amount to pay an unproven finalist," said Bini Abbott, a Jefferson County resident.



  • jakebrake77

    Could this be why our education system is in dire straights financially, and they keep coming to the voter every 2 years for more money? This salary for nothing more than a high level paper pusher is obscene!

    DR. BEN CARSON in 2016

  • Fast45

    Surely he will bring something more to the table, than his predecessor. Jeffco students have scored better on standardized tests, since the board has moved district culture away from communist union mindsets of unaccountability, and towards better teaching and performance. Everyone will be watching …

  • sweet.sandi

    This is obscene! Jefferson County had better not ask the voters for any more money as long as this unqualified idiot is making $280,000. I now know why so many teachers have left teaching to work at the DMV. It really is all about politics!

  • A

    So they are looking to tax us more than the Democrat party? As a Jeffco conservative I have made note, your not immune just cause you “call” yourselves conservatives. You have to live it.

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