Magellan poll shows Tancredo and Beauprez atop GOP gubernatorial field

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Bob Beauprez and Tom Tancredo top the field of GOP gubernatorial hopefuls according to a new poll from Magellan Strategies.

DENVER — Bob Beauprez is right on Tom Tancredo’s heels atop the four-candidate GOP gubernatorial field, according to a new survey by Magellan Strategies released Tuesday.

The survey of more than 900 likely Republican primary election voters, conducted May 28th and 29th, shows Tom Tancredo atop the field with 27 percent support.

Beauprez, who didn’t enter the race until late February and has been spending a lot of his own money to try to consolidate the anti-Tancredo vote behind his campaign, is polling at 25 percent, within the poll’s three percent margin of error.

Secretary of State Scott Gessler, who launched his own ad campaign Tuesday attacking Beauprez and Tancredo as failed former gubernatorial candidates of years past, draws 13 percent support in the poll.

Former Senate Minority Leader Mike Kopp has 10 percent support.

That leaves 25 percent of those polled undecided as ballots are mailed out this week in advance of the June 24 primary election.

The Magellan survey was commissioned by Beauprez’s campaign, which has been on the airwaves for the last month.

“Today as Republicans start to receive their ballots, Bob is well positioned to win the primary, which gives Republicans their best opportunity to defeat [Democratic Gov. John] Hickenlooper and return strong leadership to Colorado,” Dustin Olson, Beauprez’s campaign manager, wrote in an memo to staffers Tuesday.

Tancredo, looking to close the deal, is out with his own TV ad, portraying himself as a motorcycle-riding, anti-establishment “tough guy” who also has a softer side.

Tancredo’s support is probably the deepest of the four candidates in the field, but it may not be broad enough to win more than 35 percent of the vote in this four-way contest.

That dynamic leaves Beauprez trying to peel off voters from Gessler, who’s raised a decent amount of money of late, and Kopp, who’s currently bicycling across the state.



  • Dick Peabody

    Beauprez is a good man but he’s an establishment politician who is likely to be content with tweaking the status quo rather than shaking it up like Tancredo would. That begs the question: What’s wrong with the status quo? Well, public schools are failing our kids and Tom is a strong supporter of school choice for parents. There won’t be any Common Core kiddie porn with him in charge. Public unions are bleeding the taxpayer dry with exorbitant pension costs. Tom will tackle that issue head on. And with the schools doing such a poor job, those kids who don’t go on to college, or even drop out, need vocations that illegal immigrants have taken. Several years ago I spoke with an unemployed construction worker. He said he was familiar with all aspects of the trade including reading blue prints. Yet the last job he applied at wanted a Spanish speaker and since he didn’t speak Spanish, he didn’t get hired. Another father I spoke to said his daughter didn’t want to attend the neighborhood H.S. anymore because the teachers spent half their time trying to teach English to foreign language only kids. Tancredo will advocate for the citizens of Colorado, and not those from a foreign country. Beauprez is likely to dance around the issue.

    • Dave Radetsky

      Very well said. If we want to save Colorado we must elect someone who will take a stand regardless of the cost. Tom Tancredo is that man.

  • Kipp Roary

    Magellan also shows Beauprez losing to Hickenlooper by 15 points. Tom Tancredo is the only candidate that can beat Hickenlooper. When Tancredo ran as an American Constitution Candidate, he actually got 25,000 more votes than Bob Beauprez did against a little known DA named Bill Ritter.

  • Angela

    So tired of the old politician boys club! It is time for the new generation to take its place and give the Republican Party a chance at winning! Mike Kopp is the guy to win! If you disagree, you should actually research the guy, very impressive and no baggage! Haven’t we already figured out the other guys can’t win?

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