Hillary Clinton looks, sounds like presidential candidate during Colorado visit

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DENVER --While Hillary Clinton is not a presidential candidate yet, she looked and sounded a lot like a presidential candidate Monday night during a speech at First Bank Center in Broomfield.

She ended her speech with something that resembled a campaign pitch, "Please join me in making some hard choices for America."

Hillary recounted her travels as Secretary of State. She says she was often asked how she could work for former rival President Barack Obama. "I told them we both love our country."

During her speech Monday night, she said leading America is "an endless set of tough choices."

Earlier in the day, it may have looked like a run-of-the-mill political photo-op: Hillary Clinton walking around a factory, talking with the CEO in a suit and talking cordially with workers taking a break from the assembly lines.

And maybe it was, with the former Secretary of State and presumptive presidential candidate on the ground in a critical swing state being chased by a horde of cameras and reporters.

One factory worker, snapping selfies on his cell phone, scrawled the obvious subtext in black ink on a piece of white tape affixed to the front of his ballcap: "2016".

But Clinton herself, who did not take questions from any of the reporters at Intertech Plastics, spent close to an hour walking the factory floor and almost another hour in a conference room -- far more time than necessary for a simple photo-op -- talking about the company's internship program and the need to find new ways to recruit young people into jobs in scientific and technological industries.

"To me, there is nothing more important than creating opportunity for people and doing so in a way that gives them respect and dignity and a chance to make the most over their God-given potential," Clinton said during short remarks at the end of her visit.

The visit Monday sets the table for Clinton Global Initiative America's meetings in Denver later this month that will focus on a number of topics, including how to enhance education, skills development and career pathways for young people.

The broad objective of the three-day summit of CEOs, politicos, philanthropists and other leaders, is to share strategies that work and to commit to employing them in new ways.

"Everything that would solve the problems of America is being done somewhere," Clinton said Monday.

Clinton's visit to Intertech was sandwiched between a speech to the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association at the Denver Convention Center Monday morning and a paid speech at Broomfield's 1stBank Center Monday night that's part of the Unique Lives and Experiences series.

She'll be back with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and their daughter, Chelsea Clinton, for the CGI America meetings that run from June 23-25.



  • Are you Effin` kidding me?

    What was she looking for a plastic pantsuit? She`d look like a member of DEVO..

  • colocaver

    “Everything that would solve the problems of America is being done somewhere,” Clinton said Monday.-
    That is right – November is coming!!!! And the People are ANGRY!

  • Jim

    An American Ambassador, and four of his body guards ignored as the beg for help from Obama and Hilary, then killed in Benghazi. Hilary, “what does it matter”.

  • Craig Smith

    Just remember the constitution, American morals disintegrating, federal land grabs, horse carriages being banned in NYC, parents being prosecuted for disciplining their children, college tuition for illegal criminals being paid for by the taxpayer, common core failure, death row inmates being let off and all the handouts including health care handouts this year when you vote!

  • jakebrake77

    What is really scary is the fact this woman actually has a chance at moving back into the White House. Scary indeed!
    DR. BEN CARSON in 2016

  • jakebrake77

    What is really scary is the fact this woman actually has a chance at moving back into the White House. Scary indeed!
    DR. BEN CARSON in 2016!

  • Dick Peabody

    Stop Eli. You’re getting drool on her pantsuit. So Billary claims, “leading America is an endless set of tough choices.” REALLY?? Like drilling and fracking to achieve energy independence? Like building the Keystone Pipeline? Like NOT trading 5 top, murdering Taliban commanders for an American deserter? Like repealing Obamacare? Like a balanced budget amendment? Like a Flat (or Fair) tax and eliminating the IRS? Like returning education to the states and eliminating the Dept. of Education? This worshipful follower of Saul Alinsky is Communist ideologue and will finish (off) the job Obama has done to America.

    • Anonymous

      DP, outstanding comment. If I may, I’d like to remind people of the fact that she abandoned Americans in Benghazi and she is active in the coverup. She would abandon Americans again, but she won’t get a chance to do so because of my vote! We’ve already seen the damage that an unqualified liar can do to us. No more!

  • Fast45

    So sad for America … the Repubs have so destroyed their party, that we will probably see another President Clinton. You think you don’t like Obama? Just wait … Hillary will make you wish the Bamster could have another term!

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