Affidavit: Jack Elway dragged girlfriend from car by the hair

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DENVER — Jack Elway’s arrest early Saturday stemmed from a domestic incident in which he allegedly pulled a woman out of his car by the hair, according to an arrest affidavit released Monday.

John “Jack” Elway III, the 24-year-old son of Broncos executive John Elway, was allegedly driving with a woman about 1:40 a.m. when an argument broke out, the woman told police.

Near the intersection of West Colfax Avenue and North Lipan Street, Elway reportedly stopped the car and pulled the woman out of the vehicle by her hair extensions, causing some of her real hair to be ripped out. The woman attempted to stand up, at which point Elway shoved her back to the ground, she said.

The alleged victim said she suffered scrapes to her knees and general pain.

Elway allegedly left the scene northbound through the Auraria Campus, police said. The woman contacted the Auraria Campus Police Department, and reportedly told officers that Elway was at an address listed to his father in Cherry Hills Village. He was later arrested without incident, police said.

A protection order was issued for the alleged victim. She described herself as Elway’s girlfriend of one year.

Elway faces misdemeanor charges of assault and disturbing the peace. He bonded out of jail on $550 cash.



    • Anonymous

      because they are not married or involved in a long term relationship the assault charge carries the same penalties
      besides until we know the whole story a bit premature. there are some crazy nutty woman who have also been abusive. let law enforcement investigate.

  • Anonymous

    Victoria is right…he could be charged with Domestic Violence he was in a relationship with her and leaving the scene. but …
    he is a goalie for the AV’s Right, I mean a the wife of a Fire Chief in Aurora.. nope, thats not it!
    maybe a Player for the nuggets no I got it..he just threw a beer at a bartender nope that was another Bronco …
    Gosh the list goes on and on of people with a lot of money and influence..I am in the wrong business.
    My dad retired from U.S.Air Force 22 years …HE should have just played football. :(

  • Dan Cha

    Broncos arrest record for 2014 may still surpass the wins on the board record. So far there are three including little Jack. By training camp this number ought to double or even tripple, come on players June is a good month for drinking, ganging with the brothers…

  • Norene

    A 21 year old male is assaulted by his roommate while he is sleeping on the couch, the roommate runs to the police claiming HE was attacked by the 21 year old, so he can get a restraining order to get out of their lease. There is a witness but no one will take a statement. The 21 year old is arrested and his stunned mother has to sit for hours at the Denver detention center just to bail out her son for $2000! Five months and 4 court appearances later the Denver DA ‘s office FINALLY listens to the witness and drops all charges (the same charges as young Elway). Unfortunately, the 21 year old was not born to a football legend only a former aerobics teacher. Really people? $550 bail? I bet he was bonded out a lot quicker than the son of a former aerobics teacher! Unfortunately, the real tragedy was the toll this took on the beliefs held by this mother and son, that the police are good and America is about justice…

  • Dick Peabody

    BFD. Thousands of ILLEGALs are crossing the border and being dumped in Arizona by an Obama administration refusing to uphold the law, and this is what we get for news?

  • Dee

    What a Shame !!!!!! This Elway KID !! and I do mean KID !!!! has a Anger problem obviously with a female or maybe just Female’s. His name should be changed to Women Beater !!! better yet the judge should also do this for his punishment, Have him wear a big sign that say’s ” I abuse Women ” and stand at the area where it happened Colfax and Lipan lol !!! . Maybe that will make him think twice about doing this again.

    • Anonymous

      He lives in calif, has a good job, and everyone who knows him says this is completely out of character. 2 sides to every story. .wait to pass judgement..

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