Sheriff: 13-year-old swept downstream during Boulder Creek crash dies

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. -- A truck flipped over into Boulder Creek near Sugarloaf Road in Boulder Canyon Saturday.

According to the Boulder County Sheriff's Office, a call about a crash at Highway 119 and Sugarloaf Road came in around 4:45 p.m.

A father was traveling with his two daughters when a car in front of him stopped suddenly because of a bear, said deputies. He ended up rear-ending the car, which then sent his vehicle into the creek.

The father and one of the daughters managed to get the opposite side of the bank, but a 13-year-old girl was swept downstream by the rushing waters.

More than 100 responders were on scene to rescue the girl from the waters.

A diver eventually recovered her behind Boulder High School.

Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle confirmed to FOX31 Denver that the girl was recovered unconscious and immediately transported to Boulder Community Hospital at 1100 Balsom Ave.

Deputies said rescue crews had a visual of the girl the entire time, but they couldn't get to her.

She drifted more than six miles downstream before she was recovered at about 6:07 p.m.

At about 8:45 p.m., a Boulder County sheriff confirmed that the 13-year-old victim has passed away as a result of her injuries.



    • Robert Gift

      ^ Yes, the article was updated.
      Sad that they followed too closely or drove too fasthat they could not stop in time.
      Easy to travel a little too fast, accustomed to the road being clear ahead – which it usually is.
      Did the driver veer to the right to try to miss the vehicle?
      (We teach to slow enough around blind curves that you can stop before running over an infant in your lane.)

      • Never again

        That’s an excellent idea Robert, to imagine there’s an infant lying in the road up ahead beyond a blind curve – would you be able to stop in time to avoid hitting him?? That’s good advice for all of us to keep in mind.

      • Wendy

        If you take a drive over to that area, you will discover that the part of the road where this happened is actually a fairly straight patch of road. There was no blind curve. Even if there was, why was ol Dad driving so fast around it that he could not stop in time. The really sad part of this story is that the young girl lost her life due to her father’s negligence, the very person that should have put her first. Truly sad.

  • Robert Gift

    How did they manage to do that? In a hurry?
    Save a little time at the expense of the girl’s lifetime?
    Hope that she survives without brain damage. But this looks very bad.

    Thank you all who tried to help her and those who rescured her.

    • Mary

      Obviously, you missed the following in the article:
      “A father was traveling with his two daughters when a car in front of him stopped suddenly because of a bear, said deputies. He ended up rear-ending the car, which then sent his vehicle into the creek.”

      This is a sad reminder to all of us to leave plenty of stopping space (and perhaps to slow down in limited sight areas, whether they are in the mountains or in metro areas) so we don’t go through what this family did.

  • laura harrison

    So very many prayers go out to this family We were there praying while the rescue workers lined up and down the creek working fervently.

  • j&G

    We were there, just running down the river to give a visual to police saw her in her red shirt three times .We were praying for her as we were running maybe hanging on to branches a miracle hope so!!

  • j&G

    Sevral of us were tring to keep bleeding man on truck and other lady on bank very scary condtions! Our prayers !

      • Luann Chavez

        Robert Gift, you are very obviously a sad lonely person who does nothing more with your life than consistently post negative comments…praying for you

      • Robert Gift

        So sorry that she died.
        A needless death? I have driven that road. How does one manage to drive off it?
        Wife and I are very happy being free of religious myth.
        Posting reality is “negative”.
        Thank you, but your prayers obviously don’t work, do they?

      • Luann Chavez

        Another prayer added. I will be praying for you regularly. Just because you dont believe doesn’t mean it is not true. Prayers are answered every day. God doesn’t promise a life without sorrow, however he does promise everlasting joy. I pray your heart will be opened before it’s too late to avoid eternal suffering. Add

      • Robert Gift

        ^ Why would it be too late?
        An insignificant imperfect human’s disbelief is so important as to warrant “eternal suffering”?
        Who came up with that laughably overly-severe punishment?
        Oh, that’s right. The 3-n-1 Christian-inanity Gods threaten punishment to coerce compliance. Yes?

  • rogerwolsey

    This is tragic, but perhaps some prayers were indeed answered in that 2 of the 3 victims of the crash survived and none of the rescuers were harmed. That said, a technical question: Is it really 6 miles from Sugarloaf Rd and Canyon to Boulder High School? I’d guess it at closer to 3.5.

    • Robert Gift

      ^ “So, uh, how’d all that praying work out for you guys?”
      If one lives, myth-believers claim their prayers worked.
      When one dies, myth-believers claim it was God’s Will.
      They may even give a reason, such as the person was needed in Heaven.
      (All I can say:”That person beat the rest of us to Heaven.”)
      (Will I live to a very old age because God is putting off my arrival as long as possible?)

  • Old Coyote

    Robert Gift was banned from Denver Post commenting. Even that esteemed institution got fed up with his displays of ignorance.I believe him to be a sad, lonely man whose only joy in life is acting like that know-it-all we all hated in our third grade class.

    • Robert Gift

      ^ Actually, they were displeased with whiners complaining to them about my posts.
      An employee said my posts were thoughtful and valid and said it was sad that the DP gave in to whiners.
      But there are many myth-believers who cannot handle reality. They name-call.
      Rejection of religious myth is “ignorance”? Incorrect. (Go look up the word.)
      My wife and I are very happy at not being gullible myth-believers.

      • Robert Gift

        The Post employee said the comments were “cogent, succinct, well thought out and in impeccable English”.
        “They often caused controversy and complaint.”. He also noted that after I was banned the forum posts noticeably dropped. You may call that narcissism if you wish.

        This is not about me. It’s about a terrible tragedy.
        I make issue with all the religious myth-believers repeating about praying.
        Such public announcements gets hopes up and then the hopes are horribly dashed when the loved one dies.
        Too bad they did not pray about preventing this before it happened, yes?

        A myth-believer in Christian-inanity told me she does not wear seat-belts because she prays that God will protect her.
        Worked for years! Then she survived a collision, not her fault, which cost taxpayers a fortune for her needless injuries.
        Another said she did not read our aircraft safety card because “We won’t crash.” She was right!

  • Anonymous

    Faith, they won’t release her name until probably today or tomorrow. The best way to find out her name is either by word of mouth, or wait until the news does it. Praying it isn’t someone you know, it’s hard to lose a classmate!

  • Never again

    Sending up prayers for this family. I can’t even imagine what they’re going through now, especially the dad. We’ve all made mistakes when driving but thank God, it usually doesn’t end up costing a life, much less the life of our own child. I hope he can someday forgive himself & find some peace.

    Please people, drive carefully. Like Mary said in another comment, you don’t want to ever have to go through what this family is going through.

  • home blog

    Wow that was strange. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t
    show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Regardless,
    just wanted to say fantastic blog!

    • Robert Gift

      ^ If you use a word deemed offensive, your entire comment disappears without warning.
      Best to copy your comment and if it does not post, find and delete the word, and paste.
      Some offensive words are allowed while other legitimate words are not

  • J&G

    We did pray that she would have hung on a branch or anything and could of got to her but it was to late the water was running very fast .I wil never forget their faces they were feeling helplessness seeing his daughter her twin missing !when I seen their dog alive by them I just lost my emotions and just ran after her hoping praying whatever you want to call it miracle but no , two made it and one dog that’s a very good thing. Im sorry for the familys tragedy terrible accident

  • J&G

    We tried a man in a kayak took off with turbulent waters and the man kneeling down trying to calm the man and daughter with a insane crazy situation and comotion all around . They lady in white shirt who ran all the way . All i feel is sad for the father and tein daughter and my dearest sympathy to all involed. 911 reception would have helped also but hindsite is 20-20. Sorry we could not fo more so sad.

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