WATCH: Deer slams into SUV, then runs into North Carolina hospital

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CONCORD, N.C. -- Jane McManus works in the kitchen at Carolinas Medical Center-NorthEast when a deer wandered after jumping over a hedge, hitting her car and running through the loading dock.

"It hits my car and runs into the kitchen where I'm working, right," McManus said. "It's like a one in gazillion chances."

Surveillance video shows the deer making its way into the hospital.

"'Deer in the kitchen, deer in the kitchen,' and everyone was going crazy, nuts," McManus said.

McManus says employees corralled the deer into a utility closet where animal control officers found and tranquilized him.

Officials waited a few minutes before getting the deer onto a cart, covered him and took it out of the hospital.

That's when a police officer went to McManus and showed what happened to her SUV.

"He brought me out here, and I said oh my God," she said. "Evidently he came from some place over there, got across Concord road here and leaped and smashed right into my car."

The deer was not hurt. Officers transported it to another wooded area, well away from the hospital.

McManus is now dealing with insurance but has a good sense of humor about the deer who crashed into her car.

"It is a true story. It really happened," she said. "I'm here to testify right here at CMC Northeast."