Teen stuck on Longs Peak won’t be charged for rescue

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This is where hiker Samuel Frappier is stranded on the east face of Longs Peak on Wednesday, May 28, 2014. (Credit: Rocky Mountain National Park)

ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK — Samuel Frappier, the 19-year-old from Quebec who spent nearly 24 hours stuck on Longs Peak this week, won’t be charged for the highly technical rescue, a Rocky Mountain National Park spokesman said Friday.

Kyle Patterson said the expense of the rescue will be paid out of general operating funds of the National Park Service and added the NPS does not charge people who are rescued or their families.

Patterson said the NPS won’t have the cost of the rescue of Frappier for a number of days but expects it to be in the thousands of dollars because of the helicopter use.

Frappier said he felt fine after being rescued and he has since returned home to Canada.



  • mevorekhet613

    I think hikers should be required to have fluorescent clothing in case of an emergency. What great difficulty search teams could do without in trying to help people who get stranded.

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