Storms dump heavy rain on Boulder, raising threat of flooding

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BOULDER, Colo. — Heavy rains forced Boulder to evacuate its municipal building and shut down its main library early over fears of flooding.

The city also postponed a press conference it had scheduled on an officer-involved shooting early Friday morning.

The Boulder Creek is running extremely high—even breaching its banks on the south side.

The high rushing water brings out the curious—but it also brings back bad memories for victims of September’s epic flooding.

“Is the sky going to open up for three days? And is a huge amount of water going to come down? This is as huge as I’ve seen it running in quite some time,” says Joel Silverman who lives in Fourmile Canyon.

He says the three days of flash flooding last September left 18 inches of water in his basement.

Silverman says he’s checking Boulder Creek to compare it to the flow in his neighborhood.

“It shows me, ‘Alright, this is what’s happening upstream by the dam up by Nederland. What is coming down this way? Is that what’s going to be coming down my creek, as well?” questions Silverman.

For many, including Silverman, the hope is peace soon prevails over this wild and angry creek.

The city says none of its buildings suffered any damage.

The closures were more of a precaution to make sure their employees were not in the area if the flooding got worse.