Miller moth invasion hits metro Denver

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DENVER -- From caterpillars in cocoons to an insect infestation, the time is right to just scream out, “They’re back!!!”

“The dusty fliers are just on their way from fields out east to the mountains where they will dine on nectar found in mountain flowers,” says Entomologist Dr. Frank Krell. “We are just in their way, we are between them and summer food.”

In their way is probably right, but if you have a light on in or outside your home, these pesky millers will find their way to it. In fact, by putting a light on the floor with a bit of soapy water underneath, when the bugs bump into the hot light, the shock sends them into the water where you can trap and dispose of the bothersome pests.

While they don’t bite or make holes in clothes, they do make bad marks on walls when swatted, they do fill up your car and they also drop dust—hence their name millers always have dust on them—and that yucky slime when you take them out.

Only a few more weeks until their mountain trek will be over, until fall, when they head back down to the fields to lay eggs and begin the circle of life anew.



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