Heavy rain brings flooding to Greeley

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GREELEY, Colo. -- As dark clouds moved toward Greeley, residents thought they were ready for rain. Robert Behling says, “I got an alert on my phone, but we've never had problems here so I didn't think anything of it you know.”

Behling lives in a basement apartment and before he knew it, rain was pouring through his stairs, down a wall, and onto the floor inside. He used a pile of towels to keep it off the carpet and went outside to divert the flow.

He says, “The rain came down to quick to be able to handle it and I was lucky to be able to get some help. When it starts coming in and it's still raining that hard you don't know how much more is going to come.”

Behling wasn't the only one working against the water. City crews were busy trying to keep roads clear. Now the concern is future rain and how it will affect an already high Poudre River. But Behling says he's thankful it's not worse. He says, “With the last few years around here we've had it good. So many other people have had it bad so we're lucky.”