#COpolitics – From The Source premieres Sunday morning on FOX31 Denver

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DENVER -- After months of development and creative brainstorming, FOX31 Denver is proud to launch our new show "#COpolitics - From The Source."

It premieres Sunday at 9 a.m. right after "Fox News Sunday." It will give Sunday mornings a thoughtful discussion of Colorado issues.

Political Reporter and Weekend Anchor Eli Stokols is host of the show which our team has taken outside the TV station into a non-studio environment. "The result is a cool, contemporary-looking program that is truly unique and different," says Vice President of News and Digital Content Ed Kosowski.

The show is designed to appeal to people who are interested in the critical issues facing Colorado, but don't find that typical coverage of those issues relates to them.

It's taped at The Source, an artisan food market in the Denver River North District. It won't always be taped there. Sometimes it will go on the road, to "the source" of where the issues are having an impact on Coloradans lives.

The idea, Eli says, is to take the show to dynamic public spaces where people are always engaging each other over meals or business meetings or whatever they're doing. This show will involve people and it will take discussions of public policy into public spaces.

This week Eli leads a discussion about marijuana, what's working and what's not with Joe Hodas, Jack Finlaw and Representative Ed Perlmutter. He also has a discussion with Representative Jared Polis about his controversial ballot measures on fracking.









  • Dick Peabody

    Liberal Democrat Representatives Ed Perlmutter and Jared Polis are among the first guests? We wouldn’t be shilling for the Democrat Party and their anti oil, anti growth agenda now would we Eli? Wasn’t it you who was doing some overtly biased “reporting” during the Edie Hudak recall?

  • Pete

    Hopefully this will be a real, honest discussion of politics and not the usual Fox manipulation of facts to please the Koch brothers and their campaign to destroy the constitution and promote the bible.

    • jakebrake77

      I have my doubts this new program will be fair and balanced. Nothing more than another unpaid spot for the liberal democrats here in Colorado. Look for Udall to be their guest on week two.

    • jakebrake77

      I do indeed find it humorous the way the Koch brothers, and Sarah Palin can cause you silly liberals to become so distraught, you get your panties in a wad!☺

    • Dick Peabody

      OHHHH PLEASE! Not more whining about the dastardly Koch brothers when liberal anti-oil, anti-fracking California billionaire Tom Steyer is contributing big bucks to Udall’s campaign and to the campaigns of Liberal Democrats across the nation. And where do you think the Hollywood elite leftists spend their money? And Wall Street banks? Contrary to popular belief, more Wall Street money goes to the communists that call themselves Dems than to Repubs. And let’s not forget Zuckerman of Facebook, Gates of Microsoft, and Immelt of G.E.

  • schotts

    I don’t have high expectations to be honest. First, nothing personal but Eli is a liberal sympathizer and had demonstrated time after time his bias in his reports, his tweets and what stories he covers. Yes we have a lot of liberals in CO but not as many as most people think. Case in point, look at who his first guests are. Eli is biased and your show will be as well.

    Second, it’s hosted in Denver. Why not move it around the state and bring in local people that are effected by issues. You know, like host it in Burlington some Sunday. And how about Grand Junction? Hosting it in Denver will reflect views of Denver liberals.

  • Ken Foat

    Get Stokols and his leftist, socialist, democrat agenda off the air, or at least identify him as what he is.

    • Linda Messsi

      Ken you ae right.But now communists like Stokols are promoted because they lie like pigs.I stopedwatching Kdvr.Is a liberal propaganda this KDVR.Take the rat Stokols out of air,is a shame for your tv. station.

  • This is not news

    Dear station manager,

    I am no longer able to watch your station or support your advertisers. You continue to demonstrate bias in your news coverage and the people you put forth to deliver that news. Eli Stokols is not a news reporter. He is an ideologue and has on numerous occasions demonstrated bias in his reporting. I have sent emails to as many of your advertisers as possibles informing them also of my choice and the reasons why I will no longer support their business since they support Mr Stokols propaganda.

    A previous viewer and advertising supporter

    PS for others that recognize these same traits in Mr Stokols and KDVR 31, the only way to truly have any affect is to go after the advertisers for this station. Management clearly knows Mr Stokols does not offer true news reporting yet still put his voice front and center on their outlet. If you don’t like the bias do not support the advertisers and let them know why you are not going to support them.

  • Don Jackson

    After suffering through a few minutes of Eli’s maiden voyage with CoPolitics I came to two conclusions before retiring to reorganize my sock drawer. Nobody but Hillary has a biography worth mentioning on this program, and liberals must be happy that they can take advantage of yet another program that is willing to sell their drivel.

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