Aurora fire chief’s wife faces charges in hit-and-run that hurt 2 kids

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AURORA, Colo. — The wife of the fire chief in Aurora was charged Friday for a hit-and-run crash that hurt two children in the other vehicle.

Adriene Garcia, 50, faces charges of leaving the scene of an accident that caused serious injuries and careless driving. Prosecutors in Arapahoe County announced the charges and issued a warrant for her arrest.

Aurora Police say that Garcia ran into the back of a Hyundai sedan that was stopped for a red light at East Yale Avenue and South Peoria Street the night of May 14. They accuse her of driving away after the crash.

Two children who were not restrained in the sedan went to a hospital for treatment.

Police found Garcia in her vehicle about 20 minutes later. The say she told them at that time what happened.

Garcia’s attorney, Danny Foster says she has a previous brain injury and that affected her the night of the crash.





  • Denver

    If she had a previous brain injury that was affecting her the night that she was driving, and she was aware of the medical issue then she should be 150% responsible for the hit and run. What a joke when people use this as an excuse. Just like the woman who killed the family of 5 in Thornton had a prior medical issue. If the medical issue is known then you shouldn’t be driving a vehicle.

    • Dan Cha

      To elicit some degree of sympathy towards the driver of a hit and run is appalling. Lets gather around and make the perp a victim. Maybe this lawyer can get the Aurora theater shooter off with a jaywalking charge? NOT!

  • Doug Miller

    YEP…next thing we need is another law saying you can’t drive with a previous brain injury!!! LOL

    • Denver

      Well if she is using it as an excuse maybe she shouldn’t have been driving right?!

      Garcia’s attorney, Danny Foster says she has a previous brain injury and that affected her the night of the crash.

      If they are trying to say that her previous brain injury affected her this night, then why was she even driving?! There is no brain injury that makes someone leave the scene of an accident where two kids were injured…

  • Jakebrake

    Danny Foster’s plea of a brain injury is to be expected. These sleezy shysters will dip into their bag of lies and spout anything that comes to mind to get their client off. Reminds me of an observation of shysters made by Steven Wright; “99% of all lawyers give the rest a bad name!”

  • annpirie

    When one has a brain injury and/or a grand mal seizure type situation, they should not drive. This is a perfect example. Her lawyer trying to use that as an excuse should be a red flag she is no longer licensed to drive. Plus, she needs to be appropriately charged, as she is, for causing this accident, no excuses.

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