Appeal hearing Friday in Lakewood baker’s refusal to serve gay couple

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LAKEWOOD, Colo. -- A battle between a Lakewood baker and a gay couple could finally come to an end today.

The state's Civil Rights Commission is expected to make a decision about whether the bakery discriminated against the couple after refusing service.

In August 2012, it was a time of joy for David Mullins and Charlie Craig that turned into a two-year battle after the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood turned them away because they're gay.

"We informed him that the wedding cake was for us and he then immediately said that he did not provide cakes for same sex weddings," Mullins said.

Bakery owner Jack Phillips said in 2012 he refused to make the cake because of his religious principal.

"I'm a follower of Jesus Christ so you can say it's a religious belief, but I believe that the Bible teaches that that's not an OK thing," said Phillips, who said it's a long-standing policy and he has turned away several other gay couples for the same reason.

His decision to refuse their business led to local protests and international outrage. Mullins and Craig filed a complaint with the state.

Last year, an administrative judge ruled the bakery illegally discriminated against the couple. The bakery appealed the decision and now the Civil Rights Commission will rule on the appeal.




  • Jody

    What about Jack Phllips’ rights? Like his right to his religious beliefs … or his rights as a business owner to refuse service to anyone, It’s not like he beat them up or anything like that – he just refused to bake their wedding cake.

  • jakebrake77

    Well, so much for the sign many merchants display in their businesses. “We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone” It’s just not politically correct anymore as judged by the homosexual community. I’m sure these two guys could have found a cake shop that would indeed bake them a cake, however it doesn’t serve their agenda.

  • Terah Clairmont

    Why is this even in court wasting tax dollars? It should have gone one of two ways: 1. He should have just made them the cake for the sake of business, or 2. If he did refuse service and openly said why, the couple should have simply bitched on a public forum (their friends, social media, etc) about the poor service and discrimination, thus making use of the free market’s ability to detract business where people feel it isn’t deserved.
    Instead we have the court attacking a business’ right to refuse service to anyone for any reason, leaving the door open for those who’ve been thrown out for verbally/physically assaulting staff, scamming, or theft to claim discrimination based on [insert victim label here].

  • annpirie

    This is the most ridiculous and stupid waste of anyone’s time I have ever known. This poor businessman is being literally abused that such a thing can take place. These two people are a joke and I hope the court throws it out as incredible. This is a mockery of a small businessman’s plight at the hands of those who dare take away his rights. Crybabies. Grow up.

  • Dick Peabody

    In Canada these “Civil Rights Commissions” are being used to crush all types of free speech and practice of faith. One can no longer express negative opinions of homosexuals or moozlims, for instance, without being punished by the state, and I believe even the Catholic Church there is being persecuted for refusing to repudiate its position that homosexual practices are sinful. This FASCISM has come here to America. God help us. Oh, I’m sorry. Belief in God is no longer OK. I forgot.

  • Dick Peabody

    “In August 2012, it was a time of joy for David Mullins and Charlie Craig that turned into a two-year battle…” REALLY, Cathy Hernandez? Do “joyous” people go out of their way to pick a fight with someone that could easily have been avoided? These two homosexuals are thugs and bullies. Nothing less.

  • Jason Byer

    It is sad that this man is being treated unfairly. I have been to this store many times and it has always been a great time. We, as the majority of society, are being treated unjustly. We cannot express our views without hurting someone’s feelings. Get over it and move on. We are teaching our children to be overly sensitive. How are they going to be productive members of society if they cannot handle the views and opinions that are opposing to our own views. This is Colorado. If they want to live in a state that is nothing but accepting to their lifestyle, move to New York or San Francisco. Where is the majority of American’s freedom of speech these days? For all we know, these men could have been acting inappropriately for a family business. Guaranteed, if a straight couple went into this shop and their actions were not according to the code of conduct for the business they would be asked to leave also. I think I should sue because he is discriminating against me, do to the fact that I am dairy free and all he offers it products that contain dairy. Call the news!! All this story makes me want to do is support this business more, strictly on the fact that this man’s rights were taken away. Horrible…

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