Passengers stuck on Elitch Gardens roller coaster after mechanical issues

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The Sidewinder roller coaster at Elitch Gardens was shut down May 28, 2014 due to mechanical issues. (Photo: Zach Street/Twitter)

DENVER — A roller coaster at Elitch Gardens in Denver suddenly came to a stop Wednesday, leaving a number of riders stuck aboard for approximately 20 minutes.

According to the amusement park, crews had to stop the Sidewinder roller coaster mid-ride due to mechanical issues.

The coaster had to be manually brought back into the station, where guests were then escorted off.

“Sidewinder went down for a mechanical issue and anytime that happens we have to stop the ride and manually pull it back in,” said Jessie Falk, a spokesperson for Elitch Gardens. “Our guests were on the ride for roughly 20 minutes and, following our safety procedures, were escorted off. We pulled the train back into the station.”

Falk added that the park apologized to all 18 guests that were stuck on board the coaster, who all went back into the park.

The cause of the malfunction was not released.

Shortly after 2 p.m., the coaster was back up and running with passengers, according to FOX31 Denver’s Will C. Holden.


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  • Anthony Volpe

    Let people know the ride operators did their job very well and all safety operating systems for the roller coaster did it job that it was post to So no one was ever in danger. :)

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