Opening statements expected in trial of ex-officer accused of killing trophy elk

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BOULDER, Colo. — Jury selection continues Wednesday morning in the trial of a former officer accused of shooting and killing a trophy elk in Boulder County.

Sam Carter, 37, faces several felony and misdemeanor charges in connection with the plot to illegally shoot and kill the animal out of season.

Opening statements are set to begin Wednesday afternoon when jury selection is completed.

Prosecutors say Carter killed the elk, known as “Big Boy,” on Mapleton Hill while he was on duty. The officer initially told police he shot the elk because he noticed it was hurt, but a necropsy revealed no evidence of a prior injury.

If convicted, Carter faces up to six years in prison.



  • Jakebrake

    Just what kind of defense does this idiot have in killing a semi tame elk? Hopefully this guy will receive the maximum sentence sending a strong message to other nescient poachers!

  • E

    I remember the days where, as kids, we used to wave at police officers as the drove by. We could call them when help was needed and we knew they would do the right thing. There were seen as the ‘good guys’. What the hell happened?!? I do hope he is found guilty and receives a very harsh sentence. City politicians, lets try to find some good cops so we can feel safe again from them as we did back in the old days. As it stands now, I wouldn’t trust a cop anymore than a random hoodlum on the street

  • Fast45

    Gee … cops routinely lie and perjure … beat up innocent citizens … shoot family pets without cause … circumvent citizens rights … and hide behind union protection and gang-mentality. So what’s the big deal about shooting an elk, all things considered?

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