@HiddenCashCO leaves clues for money hidden in Boulder area, Denver is next

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DENVER -- The Twitter account that has San Franciso abuzz by hiding $100 or so in public places says there is a stash in the Colorado mountains. And another, unrelated Twitter account, @HiddenCashCO started posting clues for money hidden in the Boulder area. We're told hidden cash is coming to Denver Thursday.

This clue came at about 6 p.m. Wednesday in Boulder:

And it wasn't long after that when Kristen Duncan found the cash and sent this tweet:

The Boulder Daily Camera reports a batch of money was found earlier Wednesday behind the St. Julien Hotel & Spa downtown inside the basket of a Boulder B-Cycle bike. And a second envelope with $40 in it was found during the afternoon in Front of Flatirons Bank at 11th Street and Canyon Boulevard.

The benefactors here, who wish to remain anonymous, say this is no gimmick. While they're not affiliated with the group hiding cash in California, they say it's a good idea and they just want to do a little bit of good for people in Colorado and have some fun doing it.

Earlier, @HiddenCash had a clue saying $100 was hidden somewhere near Cottonwood Pass in southern Colorado.

The $100 bills or envelopes containing several $20 bills are amounting to $1,000-a-day philanthropy in California in what the Twitter account calls “an anonymous social experiment for good.”

The results have been a feel-good sensation in the San Francisco area. The Twitter page features selfies of joyous people who found the money — flashing smiles and cash — with testimonials of what they’re going to do next. The cash hunts in California ventured into a third city, San Jose, on Wednesday.




  • Old Coyote

    Wow! That is so cool, giving money away to people so poor that all they have is a smart phone and a car and plenty of gas money to drive around!
    How about leaving some at Central Park in Boulder, or around 20th and Broadway in Denver?

  • annpirie

    If I found it, I would still give it away to those less fortunate. And, I am a pauper by standards!

  • Anonymous

    Shoot I’m a single mother of four kids and I sure do need this cash for food and other things. Why do the people who have cars and never struggle find these things.

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