Weather delays couple’s wedding for the second time

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LOVELAND, Colo. -- The city of Loveland spent the day cleaning up roads and yards littered with debris from flash flooding on Friday night. Though there were no reports of home or building damage, the water did take a big toll on a local wedding venue.

Gary White had a sleepless night as the general manager of the Fountains of Loveland.

"It got up to four inches from the top (of the retaining wall) here, and we thought that may come through and go through actually the event center itself," White said.

Though he was relieved the building was spared, the outdoor wedding venue, complete with detailed landscaping and a large marble gazebo, wasn't so lucky. Within hours it was under more than six feet of water.

"A lot of heartache, I mean, there's a lot of hard work that went in to putting this together over the past five years," White said, looking over the venue, which resembled a small lake on Saturday.

Kelly and Mitch Flesch shared in that heartache.

"We were disappointed, of course," Kelly Flesch said.

The Flesch's were supposed to get married in the gazebo on Saturday but it was sitting in five feet of water instead.

"We joked around that we would go get our boat and pull the bridal party on the back of the tubes," Mitch Flesch said.

Just a day ago a washed out wedding wasn't even a worry for the couple.

"We had our rehearsal down here and then we went in the ballroom to decorate and it started raining and it never stopped," Kelly Flesch said.

The couple couldn't help but laugh while they described their big obstacle. Then again, they say this is the second time mother nature has laughed at them.

"During the September floods we were going to get married at a park up in Big Thompson Canyon," Mitch Flesch said. "Well, the floods came and washed that park off the map, so we had to postpone the wedding until today."

This time the couple decided to push on with the wedding. They moved the ceremony to higher ground.

Some say it's lucky to have rain on your wedding day, so why not flooding too?

"That has got to be great luck, right?" Kelly Flesch said with a laugh.





  • Yvonne Hayes

    I only clicked on this article to leave a comment regarding the pathetic nature of the tabloid, gossipy style of Fox31 news reporting. This article is news worthy? Puh-leeze. You people need to report on real news. I literally cringe any time I click on the Fox31 news website when I see the headlines I encounter.

    • Anonymous

      Then that makes you an idiot to check this website doesn’t ?? An intelligent person would go to a site that they don’t hate. I don’t think it’s bad to run stories about positive events. Then again, you may overly enjoy reading about all of the death and destruction currently going on.

    • Sampson

      You should spend less time hooking and more time at the library you dunderheaded tuffit licker.

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      Go away. How in the world can you go into Fox 31 and spew such nonsense. Did someone force you!!! It is a great story. I liked it.

    • Jere

      Love this …..Go Channel 31, you rock…We have had enough of the negative, so lets have a little fun and loving stuff in our Colorado lives, so go smoke your weed if find this too boring…loved it thou!!!!

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    WOW….with all the corruption in our government this is more newsworthy….you can see why the public are such stupid cows…the news orgs.program them that way with useless stories.

    • Robert Gift

      ^ FLUFF STORIES about laughable rituals are OK. Not everything need be serious.
      At least they did not waste $30,000 (average cost of wedding show).

  • Jere

    Loved it channel 31, it was a fun and not useless to many of us. So go smoke your weed if you find this too difficult to comprehend….Keep up the good work Fox 31, we need more of this….

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