Lightning bolt severely damages Thornton house

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THORNTON, Colo. -- A family's house in Thornton took a direct hit from a powerful lightning bolt during the storms Wednesday.

Thursday, they learned the damage was so severe, that they can't stay in the house any more.

Paul Watson and his family took refuge in the basement when the tornado sirens started blaring Wednesday.

They decided to wait the storm out by watching a movie. Then they heard what sounded like a bomb exploding upstairs.

Lightning tore a hole through the upper floor and made the house so that it's unsafe to live in.

"It fried the wiring on the inside of the house, and basically the house won't operate as it's intended to operate," says Todd Barnes, Thornton Communications Director.

"We were in the right place [the basement] when something like this happened so taking the warning seriously definitely paid off in this case," homeowner Paul Watson says.

The house is off limits until repairs are done.

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