Eight baby ducklings rescued from storm drain in Longmont

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LONGMONT, Colo. -- Eight ducklings were rescued from a storm drain along Sunset Street in Longmont as fierce storms continued to pummel Colorado on Thursday.

Longmont Animal Control officer Diane Milford struggled to hold onto the baby ducks as she waited for a container to place them in. It took Milford and a Longmont utilities employee about 90 minutes, to remove the animals.

The ducklings were taken to Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

"I like rescuing ducks," Milford told the Longmont Times-Call.



  • Never again

    Thank you to Longmont A.C. & especially to Diane Mitford for rescuing these sweet creatures! This story brought a smile to my face.

  • Robyn

    Thank you for sharing such a positive story about an officer that went above and beyond to save these ducklings. It is important to see stories about those in the community that care about all living creatures. Way to go Officer Milford!

  • Anonymous

    Are you guys serious with these comments. How about the officer do some actual work and fight crime

  • Anonymous

    She is an animal control officer; she did great at her job. I do agree this is not “news” but I like hearing local stories of compassion.

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