Pit bull on the loose kills family pet inside a 7-Eleven store

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- A dog went on the attack and killed a dachshund inside a convenience store.

It happened at a 7-Eleven store Friday.

Eileen Trujillo's pet, Sebastian, was leashed and trying to hide from the dog, which we're told is a pit bull, but he didn't survive the attack. The bigger dog was just outside the window at the store, apparently fixated on the dachshund. When a customer opened the door, the other dog ran inside.

Now Trujillo is left questioning why. "I was sad but now I'm angry because those kind of people shouldn't own a dog," she says.

The city of Englewood released the dog to its owner who says the animal got loose earlier in the day Friday. She was cited for having a loose dog.

City officials say the dog was released because it doesn't pose a threat to humans.



  • Kyle W

    Dog Attack

    I am absolutely appalled that your police department released a pit bull, which attacked and killed another dog inside a convenience store, back to its owner — noting that it poses no risk to humans. Any accredited dog trainer would advise you that such a claim is nonsense.

    Furthermore, is a risk to other’s pets or legitimate Assistance Dogs in Englewood not of enough concern to mitigate a similar situation from occurring again?

    As the author of ASSISTANCE FOR THE ASKING: An Enhanced History of Assistance Dogs, I examined case after case in which guide, hearing, and service dogs have been attacked by dogs which are at large, off leash, or not in control by the owner. Legitimate assistance dogs receive approximately two years of training which runs, for institutions such as Canine Companions for Independence, over 50k for each dog.

    Englewood has many members of the community who are disabled and who rely on their assistance dogs. Interference or attacks from dogs is an ever-present danger — particularly when pet owners do not control their animals appropriately.

    To release a dog with a now demonstrated history of attacking another dog, and whose owner was unable to keep it under her care and control — resulting in fatal injuries to another canine — is incomprehensible. It also places those of us who rely on assistance dogs at increased risk.

    If the city of Englewood is not going to deal with off leash and aggressive dogs, or dogs which have killed another canine, in a manner that protects those who do business within the community, I will take my business elsewhere.

  • Al

    Well, the blocky-headed dog haters certainly found this story … they seem to roam around the internet like a pack of rabid … ummm ….

    • Debbie Bell

      Call me a hater? So we’re supposed to love these attacks by “good” pits?

      BULLY people have an astounding lack of empathy for pit victims.

      So let’s try this. Since the brutal deaths of leashed dogs in public is acceptable to the bully people, imagine pits being killed in similar ways.

      Machines with sharp spikes housed in strong jaws are now permitted in public. They are heavy and low but surprisingly quick. The manufacturer has designed them to seek and destroy pits.

      You and your pit are walking to your car and suddenly the mauling machine attacks your dog!
      The long spikes penetrate her check and neck as she screams in surprise and pain. Blood spreads through her beautiful coat as the clamp bites in deeper. Your children watch and wail in terror, unable to look away.
      The machine begins to shake your dog, so now blood spatters you and the kids. You try to stop the attack but there is no “off” button.

      Suddenly the machine stops but immediately repositions the jaws onto one ofbyour dog’s front legs and begins to drag your dog away, shaking and twisting.

      Then your dog is free but to your horror you see that your dog’s leg has been torn from her body. The police arrive and while they are amazed at the damage to your dying dog, they explain that since only a dog was killed, the man can keep the machine. You later see him out in his front yard washing the blood off it.
      You now investigate and learn that there are thousands of deadly attacks every year by these mauling machines ! You learn that it is acceptable to the authorities that these attacks continue from coast to coast.

      As an explanation you are told that more pits are killed in pounds because of pit owners breeding too many than are mauled by machine. See that makes it all better! Not.

      • Al

        Yes, you’re a blocky-headed-dog hater. I’ve been watching you guys copy and paste your way all over the internet for a year or more. You’re really not hard to find, pasting the same diatribe, time and again.

        I know it won’t change a thing, but here’s a search for you:
        I urge you to set it up as an email alert (news stories) and monitor how many dog attack stories you see that *don’t* involve blocky headed dogs. Monitor it for a year, as I have been. It might open your eyes.

  • Anonymous

    you people are retarted their are allot more breeds that are worse then pit bull. A ornery hear is the problem. You never leave a pit unattended as well as any other breed. The media loves to sensationalize a pit bull. Not all pit bulls are bad just the owners /

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