Operation Homefront hosts baby shower for military moms

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Welcoming a baby is certainly a special time for families. For those far away from their loved ones, they often miss out on some of the fun leading up to the birth, like baby showers. To help make 25 military moms-to-be feel extra special, Operation Homefront hosted a star-spangled baby shower at the Red Lion Radisson Hotel in Aurora, Sunday.

Just like any baby shower there was food, games and gifts. Unlike most showers, this one was for 25 moms-to-be, not just one.

“We’re all pretty much going through the same thing,” said Marian Butler.

It’s not just pregnancy that they have in common, they’re all in the military or married to someone in the military. “It`s a little bit more difficult for us military wives to find community, so this is one way to make connections,” Ragula Randolph said.

Butler, who is in her third trimester, said she’s so happy she found out about this event. “My family is in California and my husband`s family is in Philadelphia, so it`s a little hard not knowing a lot of people where you are, where you moved to.” This is her second child. “There’s a lot of support in the community that will help us as pregnant women.”

Operation HomeFront organized the shower, securing donations from all over the world. “So many people rallying together to make these women feel great,” said Nina Nevins. She’s eight months along herself, so she knows exactly how important a baby shower can be. “It’s a rite of passage with a child on the way.”

Something moms like Randolph can appreciate. “The decorations are really cute and they really went all out.”

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