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Officials to see how noisy Red Rocks concerts are for nearby neighbors

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MORRISON, Colo. -- As concerts resume at Red Rocks, so do concerns about noise raised by residents of nearby Morrison.

On Friday night, local leaders will attend the Global Dub Festival and tour area homes in order to see what neighbors are complaining about.

“You can’t be out (on the porch), it’s so loud,” said Elizabeth Roth, who lives two miles away from the amphitheater. “Even if you go in and you close the door, the glass and the walls do that, whomp, whomp.”

Elizabeth is describing the deep bass sounds produced by Electronic Dance Music or EDM.

“It was never a problem until a couple of years ago,” Roth said.

As Red Rocks began booking more EDM shows, Elizabeth began to find that she was far from the only one concerned.

Neighbors like Hadi Soetrisno, have logged a variety of complaints from residents who surround Red Rocks. He charted them on a map that he took to city and county leaders.

“The red dots indicate frequency of loud and very disturbing sounds,” Soetrisno said, pointing to several dots within a two mile radius of Red Rocks.

Morrison residents won’t just have charts to back them up on Friday night. During the Global Dub Festival, Elizabeth and her neighbors will welcome JeffCo, Morrison and Denver officials into their homes.

“Until you actually go up there and see what’s actually happening, I think that will give us a better appreciation of what it is they’re going through and what the issues really are,” said JeffCo Commissioner Casey Tighe.

In January, Denver did place new limits on noise. Beginning at midnight on weekdays and 1 a.m. on weekends noise levels cannot exceed 105 decibels. That’s just below the highest reading FOX31 registered during a Broncos playoff game and neighbors say that’s hardly a limit.

“We could not sleep. It was terrible up here, so we already know that the ordinance is not effective,” Elizabeth said.

After tomorrow, she hopes they offer more of a compromise.

“We’re not trying to stop concerts,” Elizabeth said. “We just want them to turn it down and stop at a reasonable time like other open air venues, which, across the board, has been 11:00.”

County and city leaders aren’t expected to make any immediate decisions based on Friday’s tour. They say a decision will likely come after several visits and tests.



    • Brandon Sharp

      How can you tell anyone else what is or isn’t annoying? That’s an opinion, not a fact nor does that warrant crippling a venue that has hosted EDM since the 90’s.

  • Tammy Jones Wallander

    Maybe they should MOVE it’s been going on for years and they are just NOW complaining, maybe they need new windows. They did that by the airport and no one has complained since… c’mon ppl wake up and have some fun.

    • Andrew

      Let’s try to be objective.

      Yes… Red Rocks has been there for years, but trying to implement the old grandfather clause may not work here. The majority of concerts in the early years were orchestral groups. It wasn’t until the 60’s that rock n’ roll got going with a visit from the Beatles. Even then, amplified music was light years behind what it is now.

      Advancements in woofer and amplifier technology in recent years, and the development of line arrays, have allowed production companies to crank out music at decibel levels previously un-achievable by man made products. I’m sure U2 and the Red Hot Chili Peppers concerts of the 90’s wouldn’t hold a candle to modern EDM events.

      I think we need to be fair. Many of those people living along the road up to Red Rocks have been there for decades. Their complaints about music being louder in recent years are likely valid.

  • ivan

    Maybe people should stop complaining about the actual people protesting their voice and opinions and they have been complaining before not just “NOW” how about open those ears more and listen to what the video says! They have been complaining to officials since! They should not!!!! move from red rocks because its their own house, they pay for it! Do you pay for it???? NO!!! So shut up and stop complaining. How would you feel if there was a massive EDM concert right by your house at night with your walls and windows shaking! There is always a limit and if they put their limit till 11PM well good!!! Now they can just move to a more enclose area (pepsi center) and not cause any issues to the other residents!

    • JoeCO

      There wouldnt be a massive EDM concert near my house because I didnt buy a house near a world famous amphitheatre

  • Vanessa

    Ridiculous…I am certain that Red Rocks has been there a whole lot longer than the residents complaining. Complaining about this noise is like residents that live by the airport complaining about airplane noise. What did you think it was going to sound like when you moved there?

  • Brittany

    People are just old and rude!! They knew what they were getting themselves into when they moved their. I swear some people are just over dramatic. It’s not like it’s constant 24/7, 7 days a week. Good luck is all I have to say. EDM will live on whether they like it or not.

  • Gayle

    I would be interested in seeing what they do here. I lived in a neighborhood with one neighbor who would get off of work, go home and crank the music up. This was not near any music venue. Neighbors would call the police, and nothing, nothing was done about it. So now the people in Authority want to reduce the noise from a music venue?
    People need to mitigate their property to deal with it, they knew that the place was there, they chose to live there.
    They need to take personal responsible with their property, do some sound proofing. I lived in a neighborhood with
    one inconsiderate neighbor, had to do some sound proofing just to live there, and it was not a music venue. Quit complaining and take responsibility for your own happiness, unless of course, you expect the government to take care of you, then you will become slaves to the government.

  • Nick

    Screw all of you Morrison residents, you all got money MOVE!!!! What did you expect living next to a major concert venue!!! You all want the beautil scenery and all this and that, do you all think your better than everyone!!! I live right next to railroad tracks where a train comes every hour and shakes my walls, you think I’m gonna ban together with all the other locals and demand they stop the trains at a certain time…no I’m gonna move!!! All you guys need to get off your high horse!!!

  • Tony Prater

    Okay thats just plain stupid, you knew Red Rocks was there before you move there. It’s like all the people up here in Erie and Commerce City who bought houses then started complaining about seeing the Dumps from the houses, hello people if you don’t like then don’t live there or buy a homes there, lol

  • Stephen Felt (@sfelt)

    Red Rocks has been hosting concerts there for 100 years and these people knew this when they moved into the area. Don’t punish all of us because they are too stupid or too old and grumpy.

  • tena

    The one lady lives two miles away. If its that loud that far away I think they should turn it down. Its crazy to have to have music that loud. Its too loud to enjoy the full range of sound and softer notes in the music. When it gets too loud it turns into noise not music.

  • Carlos

    These people moved into these homes before the era of electronic music. We all know this genre brings heavy bass unseen by any other genre prior, with the exception of rap. Modern technologies have made louder and deeper bass possible, which is now starting to create a problem.

    If you watch the full video, you’ll see they don’t have a problem with the typical concert that has been held there for decades, just the new trend in EDM.

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