13-year-old Longmont student questioned about report he had gun at school

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LONGMONT, Colo. -- A student at a Longmont school was taken into police custody after reports he brought a gun to school Friday.

Longmont police were called to Timberline PK-8 on Mountain View Avenue Friday morning on a report of a student with a gun walking around, said Cmdr. Jeffrey Satur.

Police took 13-year-old student into custody, Satur said.

A student brought an Airsoft gun to school similar to this one. (Photo: Longtmont PD)

A student brought an Airsoft gun to school similar to this one. (Photo: Longtmont PD)

Friday afternoon police found an Airsoft gun at the school. Satur said the weapon looked "very realistic."

The teen, whose name has not been released because he is a minor, will be charged with interfering with school facilities and false reporting, Satur said. Both are misdemeanors.

He will be processed at the Longmont police station and then transferred to the Boulder County Juvenile Detention Center.

Police put the school on lockdown and searched the campus.

Students were secured in their classrooms during the incident, Satur said.

Officials planed to release classes early. Parents gathered outside the school waiting to pick up their children.

A reporter for the Longmont Times-Call tweeted a photo of a student in handcuffs being escorted from the school.



  • Alpha Omega

    Are you sure it wasn’t a pop tart? I know teachers have a hard time telling the difference.

  • Rosa

    If teachers ignore the report of a gun and there is one and something happens, then you get to blame teachers for ignoring the report and being incompetent. If the teachers follow up and there is not a gun you can make fun of teachers for over-reacting and again call them incompetent. Sounds like a win-win situation for you. Unfortunately, the teachers are set up to fail no matter what they do.

    • Anonymous

      Preach! I’d rather the teacher follow up instead of letting it go. ESPECIALLY when theirs children involved! And ESPECIALLY mine! Mistake or not better safe than sorry!

  • Steven Vollmer

    if the parents have guns lying around the house, why is it surprising that a teenager would think it is not ok to take one around with them wherever they go?

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