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Family dog finds, rescues missing 3-year-old

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COOPERSTOWN, N.D. — A family dog is being called a hero after he found and rescued a 3-year-old who had wandered away from home in North Dakota Tuesday.

Carson Urness, 3, was playing in his yard Monday night when he wandered away.

When the boy didn’t come inside for dinner, his mother began to panic.

After she called 911, rescue crews showed up and began to search.

As it began to rain, the family quickly realized the family dog “Cooper” was also missing.

They hoped he was with Carson.

Hours later, about 2 a.m., Carson was found about a mile away, safely tucked under his dog, Cooper, who was shielding him from rain and wind.

The boy was take to the hospital and expected to be OK.

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  • Melissa J Springston

    Thank God the family dog found him, here in NY the parents would’ve been charged with child neglect! Who in their right mind leaves a 3 yr old outside by themselves? I have young children and would NEVER think about doing that, they even come inside when I have to run into the bathroom. You never know who could be lurking or keeping an eye on you it could be your next door neighbor, or what could happen to your child like getting into something they shouldn’t (just like he did) total lack of parental responsibility and supervision!

    • Amy Bowyer McComb

      Each town and community is different Melissa. The old adage “judge not and you will not be judged” sure seems to fit here. I have lived in small rural communities in the midwest and big East Coast cities. They are very different. I’m much happier in a small town. Farming communities tend to be more cooperative of one another. It’s not uncommon to do outside work and have a child outside with you. Generally, kids will stick around. Sometimes, they may wander, but not too far. It’s our nature to be inquisitive. So instead of exclaiming what a poor parent she is, why not embrace the side of you that also admits mistakes and show a little compassion andunderstanding?

      • Chris

        So agreed… Hey when I was 3 I was outside all the time while dad was working and mom was cleaning… I could go play everyday in a small town of good people…. So different than some of the bigger cities I see now and days.. It was ok for me to go see the neighbors by myself

  • Heather

    I let my 4 yr old play outside by herself but i watch her from the window and check on her frequently…. but we do live in a very small town and i have police officersw wh live riht around the corner frm me so…. it is quite safe….

  • devin

    I understand the small town point of view but i still wouldnt allow my child to be outside without supervision. You never know if there could be a stray dog that could attack them or if they could wandert in the street and get hit by a distracted driver or even something as simple as climbing on something and falling and breaking their neck. 3 years old is way too young to be outside without supervision.

  • Sarah Chavez

    Do not judge. My kids played outside unattended while I cooked dinner or vacuumed, or rocked the baby to sleep at nap time. My daughter did escape a couple of times, but was unharmed and we tightened security. :-) I don’t understand pointing fingers at parents. Raise your own kids and stay out of other’s business.

  • Leeann Crawford

    Hello, I know I am not the only one thinking this. Do you people who say its ok to leave a 3 year old outside, not see the point. This kid just took off. It is common sence to watch your child. Maybe if you have a fenced in yard its different. We have a farm with corn growing and cows to be milked. We are busy parents we would never ever leave our child outside alone at the age of 3. Too much can happen, take this story for instance. What if there was no dog. To top it off i dont wait for my kids to come in to eat dinner they come in when i tell them its ready. The big question I have is how long was he alone, and how long was he gone till mom noticed.

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