VIDEO: Mother, daughter lose 74 lbs in 100 days together

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A mother and daughter became inspired to take a 100-day weight-loss journey after watching an inspiration video online of another woman succeeding at the challenge.

Cheryl Shaw said she became depressed after she canceled her wedding and turned to food for solace.

Shaw said she witnessed her own life “spiraling out of control.”

At the same time, the number on the scale began to increase, and she watched her children also gain weight.

“It’s all because of me,” she said. “I work 12-hour shifts, and I was bringing McDonalds home at 10:30 at night. And the kids were starting to do my habits.”

Then, Shaw saw an online video of a woman named Lakeisha Shurn taking on the Give it 100 weight loss challenge.

In a breakthrough moment, Shaw decided she wanted to follow in Shurn’s footsteps, losing the weight she had put on over the previous years. She then enlisted her 17-year-old daughter, Tessa Nichole, to go on the journey as well.

Together, the mother-daughter duo lost 74 pounds in 100 days, learning not only lessons in health, but lessons in life as well.

Nicole said, as the pounds came off, her confidence grew and even her grades improved.

Shaw added that she is proud of both herself and her daughter, and said the experience has brought them closer together.

See the video mother and daughter created to document their Give it 100 weight-loss challenge: