Outrage over letter criticizing elderly couple’s home

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OCEAN CITY, N.J. — A surly note allegedly written by a real estate agent and left for an elderly couple in New Jersey is getting a lot of attention after the couple’s granddaughter posted it on Facebook.

Bill and Barbara Doughten told Philly.com that the granddaughter found the note in the mail. The author tells the couple that they are trying to sell “million dollar homes” and that they need to park their car in the driveway and not on the “front lawn.”

The Doughtens have lived in their home for decades.

The granddaughter, Stephanie Powley, posted the letter and a response on her Facebook account.

Powley called the letter “unprofessional, anonymous and contemptuous” and said whoever mailed it left no return address, “like only a true coward would.”



  • dougsmith42

    Nobody cares. There is a clown in my neighborhood that likes to park sideways in his driveway, then one day took out his garage door. Takes all kinds to run this world. We all know who the stupid people are, no need to remind them.

      • ed

        Precisely it is their property !!! That’s one of the major problems with people today they can’t mind their own business , and overdramatize everything . If they are million dollar homes just spend $10,000.00 and add a privacy fence so they don’t HAVE TO look at the neighbors .

      • Robert Gift

        [,] [you’re] [an] [It’s] [their] [.]
        It may be against city and county codes to park a car on the lawn.
        Ask yourself why that is, Anonymouth and others.

  • Michelle

    It’s none of your business on where or how they park their car as long as you don’t own the property!

  • Anonymous

    Did any of you think there may be a medical reason to park the way they do…as if its anyone business???

    • Robert Gift

      ^ Would love to know what that could be.
      As a Red Cross volunteer, I have transported patients to from and to their homes. Have backed into driveways to place the passenger door on the right. Forward placed the passenger door on left.

  • Mike Hyde

    Too many people these days minding the business of others. Set your own house in order before you complain about others….. Seriously, half of you folks supporting the realtor are probably the same mental giants who support or sit on HOA boards (another useless blight upon society).

    • Robert Gift

      I dislike Hitler Overseer Associations, but they also do some good.
      They won’t allow residents defacing/degrading their neighborhood with vehicles parked on lawns or vehicles in various states of repair visible to others.
      Its called being considerate of others.

  • Anonymous

    Although the realtor wrote this in a very unprofessional manner, the granddaughter needs to realize that this type of behavior does affect everyone’s property values, including her grandparents’. I assume she may stand to inherit something from the grandparents someday and she should have a vested interest in the appearance of the property. Perhaps she should offer to assist her grandparents if there is a problem with the driveway or access to the house which caused them to park on the lawn.

  • kim

    For the love of God, it is a driveway and, elderly couple. Who cares, so long as they are safe, happy, and, not destroying anything let it GO! The realtor needs her mouth washed out with soap, for the nasty way she spoke and, showed no respect. Her actions are really a reflection of her out look on life and, her compassion towards others. We wonder why some many things happen to people now days. I was raised that what you say and do to others, will come back to you some were down the road. One day she will need compassion and, understanding and it just might not be there. Shame on you!

  • Steph

    Have the decency to approach the couple face to face or sign your letter with a way to contact you. An anonymous letter is totally passive aggressive. There are a thousand other ways to solve this “problem”.

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