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Lawmakers scramble on last day of Legislature session

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DENVER -- Colorado lawmakers are working overtime on Wednesday, the final day of the legislative session. Among the bills expected to pass Wednesday: A credit co-op for pot shops and compensation for victims of the Lower North Fork Fire.

Lawmakers are still getting heat for squashing a drunk driving bill. The bill had bipartisan support and it was intended to toughen up the law on repeat DUI offenders.

Supporters of the bill are angry.

When the session ends Wednesday, Colorado will continue to be only one of four states without a drunk driving felony charge. The proposal was voted down by four Democrats in committee, citing concerns about the cost of paying for additional prison beds.

State Rep. Mark Waller expressed his frustration on Twitter.

“In Colorado you can get eight, nine, 10 DUIs and still walk out of court with probation,” said State Sen. Mike Johnston, D-Denver.

Also on the clock Wednesday, a measure allowing Colorado to form a credit co-op to provide checking services for pot shops. Federal law currently prevents marijuana businesses from using banks. The Senate already has given initial approval.

Expected to be on the governor’s desk soon is a bill compensating Lower North Fork Fire victims with $17 million.



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