Denver man cited for disturbing the peace — over loud water fountain

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DENVER — Going with the flow? Not these neighbors.

The Denver Police Department cited a man last week for disturbing the peace — because of a large water fountain.

Officers responded to a home in the 900 block of South Franklin Street, across from Washington Park, on May 1 after a neighbor called to complain about a loud water fountain.

DPD says officers have responded to the location before over the fluid situation.

DPD says the neighbors couldn’t come to a resolution over the noise of the fountain and police were called to try to calm the waters.

Police said the owner of the fountain, Ronald Huff, 63, “proved to be very difficult, refusing to turn the fountain off.”

Officers convinced his wife to turn off the fountain, then cited Huff for disturbing the peace, leaving him high and dry.



    • Robert Gift

      Years ago my girlfriend and I dropped a chuck of fluorescein dye (from a dye packet for aircaft downed in the ocean) into one of the four-fountains of the 16th Street Mall fountain.
      Almost instantly the fountain turned BLAZE GREEN while the other three fountains with it remained white water.
      Many tourists stopped and took pictures of the fountains.
      Then two fountians were green and two white and after a few minutes all four were blaze green.
      They looked brighter than expected because the ultra-violet light from the sun causes the dye to flourese.

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