Voles are everywhere, see how to protect your yard

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DENVER -- Voles are everywhere and they're making a mess of metro Denver lawns.

Aristea Brady's video report shows you how to spot a problem caused by the creatures that look like a cross between a mouse and a gerbil ... and why acting fast could save you thousands of dollars down the road.

To get rid of the voles, contact Edge Pest Control on its website or call it at 303-935-3343.



  • Anonymous

    I’ve used Edge for 3 years now and they still take care of my voles. Goodbye nasty critters!

    • Dianne

      Are you using them for your other bugs too? Do they do both insects and rodents or just one? I’m looking around for good recommendations, I just moved here in March.

      Does anyone else use/recommend this company?

      • Tasha

        Dianne, Edge takes care of all of my insects and spiders too, but since our house is across from a field our yard is always getting attacked from Voles. But yes, they spray inside and outside and even all the high up issues like wasps up under my overhangs. We switched to them after we used one of the big brand name companies for 2 years and weren’t happy with what they were missing. I would recommend using them if you have any issues. We’ve been very pleased so far and have no complaints.
        ps. Sorry I didn’t know how to add my name before but I got an email with your response.

    • Dianne

      So what is the difference between Voles and Gophers? Just moved here in March from Vermont and I guess I haven’t heard of a vole before.

      • Drew Scarbrough

        Dianne, thanks for your question. We also take care of gophers! You will usually not have more than one or two gophers in your hard where as you can have hundreds of voles. Gophers also eat things like earthworms and grubs more. Both can cause significant damage to ones yard. Please give us a call if you have more questions!

  • Roberta V

    You can do it yourself MUCH cheaper by using a product made right here in Colorado for voles! Go to http://www.kaputproducts.com and look at the Rat, Mouse and Vole products, they all work GREAT. And since they are NOT a poison but yet still kill them, it is safer to have around your children and pets! Tell them Roberta sent ya!

  • Kathy

    @Roberta, I tried MANY different ways to get rid of Voles on my own. I haven’t ever heard of your company before but I do have relatives who use Edge Pest Services for their houses and their rodents. Eventually I gave up trying because I just didn’t want to deal with it (plus I’m moving in a month) but I have heard good things from my sister and her family about the company in this article.

    • Roberta V

      @Kathy, there is a made in CO sticker on the top of the lid and the label says they are located in Wellington, CO but I know they do sell nationwide cuz my cousins in IL order it on ebay to use in their barn for mice! Good luck with your move and SHOULD there be voles there…check out ebay! LOL!

  • Maria

    My husband and I switched from Terminex to Edge after we saw this and we’ve been very impressed so far! Thanks fox for letting us know about this.

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