Yellow Cab facing nearly $2 million fine after audit finds 719 violations

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DENVER -- Yellow Cab owes nearly $2 million in fines and it has until the end of Monday to pay it after an audit found 719 violations.

The audit found most of the violations involve drivers who worked more than 80 hours in eight days.

Hassan is a driver based in Denver and admits working long hours.

“Sometimes it's 10, 12, eight,” he said.

It varies per week, but according the Public Utilities Commission audit, drivers have worked more than 80 hours in eight days.

Those hours were improperly reported in log books, and it’s surprising to some who rely on cabs.

“It's not that hard to follow the rules and be successful,” cab rider Jonathan Sterner said. “I would definitely think they were the better cab organization. That's why I picked them when booked my ride."

The violations boil down to a public safety issue. But Hassan says Yellow Cab management stresses the importance of safety.

“They say take care, take care,” he said. “Whenever you're tired go home. They say take care of your hours. Take care of the people. Take care make sure everyone is safe."

Yellow Cab has 300 permits in Denver. The $1.9 million fine is the highest against any cab company in the past 20 years.


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