16-year-old stages abduction hoax after break-up with boyfriend

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MIDDLEBURG, Fla. — A Florida teenager staged her own abduction, prompting a state-wide search because she wanted sympathy from an ex-boyfriend, according to authorities.

WOKV reported that it all started after 16-year-old Ankita Lavender called her father, saying she’d been kidnapped.

A Florida Amber Alert was issued, but the teen was found about four hours later.

She was reportedly found on the side of a road, claiming to have been thrown from a truck. But detectives said she had no signs of any injuries.

She originally told police she had been abducted. Authorities said she finally admitted to making the story up because she wanted sympathy from an ex-boyfriend she broke up with two days earlier.

About 40 investigators responded in the first two hours. The cost of the hoax was estimated at several thousand dollars.

Clay County Sheriff’s Office Colonel Craig Aldrich said abduction cases can never be handled lightly.

“It cheapens or lessens the incident when it happens to a real victim,” Aldrich said, according to WOKV.

Deputies are considering charges against the teen.



  • Melissa J Springston

    They should charge her for her actions! I always tell my children actions have consequences be it good or bad you need to “own” up to your own! Sounds like she might have a personality disorder or just a spoiled brat that doesn’t know how to take rejection! Here’s an idea don’t let your teenager get into a serious relationship at that age!

  • coloradomark

    She should get the bill, and not just a lock up time bit they should make her work work on a trash detail till she is 18

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