‘Goodbye Mama’: Boy sends final text as tornado bears down

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VILONIA, Ark. — A mother from Arkansas is treasuring the final texts sent by her son, one of many people killed by an EF-4 tornado that hit their town April 27.

Jeffrey Hunter sent his mom, Regina Wood, a series of texts as he hid in his bathroom while the tornado approached. She was 20 miles away, according to KNWA.

She said one of the texts reads “Goodbye mama.”

She texted him back several times, asking him if he was OK, but she never got a response.

Jeffrey was found unconscious on the ground, and later died from his injuries.

He was with his father and step-mother, who survived.

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      • Robert Gift

        ^ When a tornado is heading your way, you should be seeking shelter and preparing. Not texting.
        If no shelter, I would be putting on winter coats and extra pants and any motorcycle or bicycle helmets to cushion impact from flying debris.
        I’d run out into fields away from buildings and vehicles and find any depressions to lie in. Then roll myself in blankets.
        If possible, I would remove a manhole cover and get inside and hold onto the metal steps.

  • Anonymous

    @ Robert Gift! What an F’ing insensitive shmuck you are! You don’t know what the hell the circumstances were other than what the article says. You weren’t there and don’t know if there were any options for this young man to “seek other shelter”. Have some class and respect for a Mother losing her child and keep your numbskull thoughts to yourself. By the pic on your FB page, you look like that classic dip**** loudmouth who likes to go around spouting their worthless opinions, but wouldn’t hold up in the true face of adversity! A’hole!

    • Robert Gift

      ^ Always best to try to save your life rather than text.
      Mother would rather have a live son than a text message.
      I’d expect people who live in “Tornado Alley” to learn what to do to best survive tornadoes.

  • Anonymous

    ^ “But despite the terror of losing her only son, Regina is comforted in the thought that Jeffrey, in the midst of panic and fright, thought to tell his mom goodbye.” Again, you are an idiot! Of course she would rather have her son alive, what a profound revelation on your part. And you would expect people to know what to do who live in “tornado alley”. Wow, what an idiot. It’s a tornado. People were crushed in shelters, bathtubs, and other attempts to “do what is best” to survive. God decides who lives and who dies. Not you. And if you know you are about to die, who are you to question or disrespectfully judge how he spends his last moment? He wanted to say goodbye to his Mother. He obviously realized what was most important in the last moment when death was obvious.

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