Two CU students charged with selling Adderall on campus

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BOULDER, Colo. -- Two University of Colorado students have been arrested and charged with selling Adderall, University Police said Thursday.

Christopher Valentine and Graham Hankin sold the prescription pills to acquaintances on campus. Valentine charged $4 per pill and Hankin charged $5 per pill. Both are facing felony criminal charges.

Police say Adderall and Vyvanse are often sold as "study aid" drugs, especially around the time of final exams, which begin Saturday. The drugs help those trying to stay awake or focused while studying.

"While perhaps tempting, it is against the law to use or possess study aid drugs that are not prescribed to you," CU Police Corporal Matthew DeLaria said. "It is also illegal for those with legitimate prescriptions to provide their drugs to others."



  • Locke

    The problem is not Mr. Hankin or Mr. Valentine. The problem is the fundamental corruption of the pharmaceutical companies and our country’s government. These companies over-prescribe these “study” drugs to children starting at a disgustingly early age. To make Hankin and Valentine look like the bad guys is arrogant and ludicrous. By no means were they in the right to distribute these amphetamines, however their mugshots only act to create a master-status of deviance for them, and use their faces as the face of this terrible epidemic of the over-medicalization of our country’s youth. Instead of their faces we should be hearing names of the companies that produce these drugs. These are the names behind the mass-brainwashing and hyper-conformity of our youth via over-prescription of amphetamine based products. Give these kids a break. They are not the real criminals, rather, a mere product of a corrupt system.

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