Milliken family fights to keep roadside memorial standing

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MILLIKEN, Colo. -- A Weld county family is desperate for help to keep a roadside memorial standing after learning the county will require the monument removed for safety.

In 2012, the Rodriguez family of Milliken setup a memorial on WCR 46 1/2, a small two-lane road outside of town.

The family contacted FOX31 Denver for answers after learning the memorial violates county road safety standards and will have to be removed entirely from the side of the road.

"We're trying to be very sensitive to their loss," said Weld County Commissioner Bill Garcia Wednesday.

The memorial is dedicated to 19-year-old Ramiro Rodriguez, who died after falling asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle.

"He was nice to everybody, he's just missed a lot," said one family in an interview with FOX31 Denver.

Weld County offered to replace the religious memorial with a personalized memorial sign for the side of the road at no cost to the family.

A spokesperson for the Rodriguez said they are considering legal action to help keep the memorial standing.



  • Robert Gift

    How is this a HAZARD? Seems a sign on a strong metal sign post would be more of a hazard.
    Or is it a distraction and creates a hazard by people looking at it as they drive by?
    So important to wear seat-belts.

  • Juan N Terrie Barraza

    I think it’s nice that the county has offered to put up a personalized memorial sign for the family. I hope the family decides to take them up on this gift. My prayers are with this family.

  • Anonymous

    If you actually took time to read the accident report, you’d see that he didn’t fall asleep, he was drunk and going 90MPH on a county road. Good work Fox31.

  • Robert Gift

    ^Minor detail – if he was drunk and speeding. Was he also not wearing his seat-belts?
    Seat-belts can make a lifetime’s worth of difference.

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