NBA set to address swirling controversy around Clippers owner Sterling

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DENVER -- The NBA has called a news conference for Tuesday regarding Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling over his alleged racist remarks.

The alleged comments have players and former players, including former Nuggets and Clippers point guard Chauncey Billups, calling for the toughest punishment possible.

Sterling’s girlfriend, V. Stiviano, was seen wearing a face mask and dodging media on Monday in Los Angeles. Sterling hasn’t been seen in public since the recording of an alleged racist rant went public over the weekend.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will talk about the details of the league’s investigation and any punishment that might be handed down.

"He has to lose the team hopefully,” former player Magic Johnson said. “But if that doesn't happen, the commissioner and his partners have to decide his fate."

Johnson allegedly was at the center of Sterling’s alleged rant when Stiviano posted a picture on Instagram. Advertisers are leaving in drovers and former players are asking fans to boycott Tuesday’s playoff game against the Golden State Warriors.

On Sunday, Clippers players had a silent protest by wearing their shooting jerseys inside-out.

“I know, I wouldn't have played,” Billups said. “There's no way I could have done that."

It’s unclear whether Silver could order Sterling to sell the Clippers.

The NBA could announce an indefinite suspension while the investigation continues. A distraction heading into Tuesday’s playoff game that coach Doc Rivers is trying to keep at bay by passing on a meeting with Sterling.

“I don't think right now is the time or the place for me at least so I just took a pass,” Rivers said.

Silver’s news conference is scheduled for noon Tuesday.



  • dapandico

    Knicks executive and former player Larry Johnson had a decidedly different but still strong reaction to the racially insensitive remarks Clippers owner Donald Sterling is alleged to have made.

    On Saturday night, Johnson tweeted: “Black people your Focusing on the wrong thing. We should be focusing on having our own, Own team own League! To For Self!!’’

    Johnson was calling for an all-African-American league complete with black ownership.

  • coloradocommish

    As innappropriate as this man’s words are…. Do we want to set the precedent that ‘racists’ and ‘bigots’ cannot own a business?

    These players surely don’t mind collecting their paychecks from him, and there’s evidence that he’s been a “pig” for years….

    Why don’t those with all this “feigned” rage, offer their help and guidance to this poor man…. perhaps his opinion on the subject is simply “evolving”….

    My guess is that this will remain a “One Way” penalty… The “Race-Baiters” win again.

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