VIDEO: News station evacuated live on air as tornado bears down

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TUPELO, Miss. — A television station in Tupelo, Miss., was evacuated due to a tornado while on the air Monday, prompting a meteorologist and his crew to run off camera and into the station’s basement.

WTVA Chief Meteorologist Matt Laubhan appeared to be tracking the storm as it bore down on the station about 2:43 p.m. local time, staying with viewers until the last moment before running for shelter. It seems that he is also warning other staff to abandon the broadcast as the station’s signal cuts out.

On Monday, the Weather Channel stated “major damage” took place at a shopping mall and other nearby buildings as a result of a severe storm cell. Residents and storm chasers posted pictures of flattened structures on social media sites like Twitter.

Damage and any potential casualties in the area were still being tallied.


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