This is why you should stop using Internet Explorer right now

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DENVER -- A warning for Internet users: this is a serious enough security flaw that the Department of Homeland Security is warning you to not use Internet Explorer until a fix is found.

The problem could put your personal information at risk, and give hackers access to private things like your email accounts.

With so many computer bugs out there, Internet users rely heavily on anti-virus software and patches to keep up with each new virus. This time, that’s not good enough.

Charles Tendell is a Certified Ethical Hacker with Azorian Cyber Security in Monument. He said, “Up to this point, there’s no way to stop it.”

He says this particular bug attacks people using Microsoft Explorer’s web browser to get online. “It’s kinds of an age old, you know, statement for anyone in the computer world, don't use Internet Exploder,” he joked.

Tendell says if you’re using a different web browser, like Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox, you’re fine. But if you’re using Internet Explorer, especially if you’re still running Windows XP, you are vulnerable.

“If you're running Internet Explorer and you're on Windows XP, you're going to get hit with this,” he said.

Just made public Monday, most people still hadn’t heard about it. But most, like Michelle Rodriguez, use other browsers, at least at home. “At home I use Chrome, but at work I usually use Internet Explorer.”

The same for Sara Corbitt. She only uses Explorer at work. “We get memos pretty quickly after they come out, on our server so I wouldn't be surprised if there was something tomorrow,” Corbitt said.

Luis Soto added, “At this time I think people are probably asking how is this going to affect business?"

Tendell says there is no way to know if you’ve been hit, and if you’re already infected, switching browsers now, won’t help because the hacker is already in.

However, just because you have Internet Explorer doesn’t mean you’re infected. You’d have to visit a malicious site or link.

Microsoft is scrambling to put a fix in place.



  • Drew Moen

    As a security professional with knowledge of the exploit, this article is ridiculous. It is fear mongering. The exploit REQUIRES you to access a web page with specific malicious code embedded in it. If you don’t go anywhere new, or unusual, your risk profile Is extremely low. Lower than normal because of all the press this is receiving. Hopefully folks are paying attention.

    If you can’t understand the exploit, leave the news coverage to professionals. BTW of the 3 emails I got forwarded, NONE OF THEM ACTUALLY CAME FROM THE US DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY. They were spoofed to look like they did. Get your facts straight gang.

  • Martha Better

    Truth be known the virus is from Microsoft to get more people to upgrade to windows 8.? This is funny because they ended support for XP and MSE running in XP now this. Yes Bill Gates is this greedy

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